Saturday, March 13, 2010

FOR YOU + Pillow Talk among girls..

Two days ago, my friend and I went for supper at Mash Ta Mash, Bukit Beruang. (Ok, I name it as FOR YOU for some reason, will tell you later)

This time no boys are allowed, coz we’re having girls talk there. *evil laugh*
When we reached there, the boss came and asked for order. He had introduced us the Mash Ta Mash pizza, so as what he introduce we ordered the Mash Tak Mash pizza.

Nah! This is The Mash Ta Mash pizza. To be honest, the pizza is not so tasty actually. The taste was quite weird compare to normal one, so not quite recommend you guys go there. Sorry boss…

It is big enough for 5 palm to cover it. Can you imagine how big is it now???
Open ceremony for Mash Tak Mash pizza, Yeah!!
It became a star now, madly cute!
For drink, Shi Ting and I ordered ordered the sweetest “hot Chocolate” in the world! It is mad sweet, I guess the shop bought sugar for free! The most important is the Hot chocolate isn't hot chocolate actually, it is just Milo + Hot water!! Make me gone crazy!Ok fine, to be not to angry about the “hot chocolate” stuff, now I will have a slice of Mash Tak Mash pizza to reduce my anger.

We were so happily eating the pizza though it isn’t so tasty, chit- chatting, and taking photo with the pizza.

The boss was quite curious about why we were so happy taking photo with the food and keeps asking us about that. WAHAHAHA... I would take a lot of food photo because I'm a blogger!!

While we were chit -chatting about something funny, (I'm not quite sure what we were talking that time) A brand new taste pizza appeared in front of us, we were so curious and told the boss that we didn’t ordered this for sure. After that, he told us that it is free for us! OMG!! FREE???

So, this is the Free pizza or For you pizza. Well, this is isn't free for us, is free for one of my friend, Bee Yoke. Coz when we wanted to pay the food, the boss give us some discount and said that it is for Bee Yoke!! WOO~!!
So, we name this shop as FOR YOU!!! WAHAHAHA.......

Almost finish all of the food!
After trying the slice of chicken cheese pizza, my anger had reduced coz the boss gave us free pizza, thank boss!!

Later that, we went Bee Yoke's house...
Captured some "naked" photo.

And some of them got lock inside Bee Yoke's room.
It is a retribution actually, coz they wanted to lock me outside the room at first, but then later Jane, Shi Ting and Jennifer found that they had locked themselve in this room. What a funny people they are!! I laughted like mad after they had locked themselve.
For about half and hour, our superwoman (BeeYoke) came and rescued this three little girls...
After they have been rescued,
We were having camwhore. This is totally fail!
almost pass...
"couple"- Shi Ting and her Bee Bee!! *rolling eyes*
Captured this for the sick of boring..............Well, this shi ting had betrayed her love one...(Her Bee Bee) *sigh* Nowadays, girl really very complicated, excluded me! *faint*Another "naked" photo....
They were trying to adjust the blanket, coz it has been mess up by us!
I'm so cold here...Help me!!
Short to tall............
I love doggie!!
Love this 2 photo the most, coz it had taken all in sudden.
What??? Kiss again?????About 12am, Jane is going back due to her dad asked her to go home. So, left four of us in the room and it is the time where pillow talk began!!
Before we start pillow talk, let's take some photo together!!

We were chit-chatting in a romantic lighting room, love it. Next time we should have it!! However, we were getting so bored without any topic so it's time for us to start photo-ing again...

2 "naked photo"Ghost style!!
Free style
And camwhore...
This had prove that 3 sleeping beauty is having their sweet dream while I'm awake!

WAHAHAHAHA...They will kill me!!
Video taken by Lydia!! Please enjoy it...wahahha

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