Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is due to my carelessness!!

I’m kinda too bad luck and careless today.
Coz I didn’t bring my purse to school today and yet still driving without notice it, I’m the careless people in the world.

After this incident happened, I quickly drove back and took it from my table. That the end of my carelessness!
I hate my carelessness, I should be careful enough to anything….

Well, I think it was the end of my bad day and carelessness. Who know another incident had proved that I’m not careful at all! That is because I got cut while I’m cutting the sausages!
What the hell to me?? What happened?? The wound was quite deep and I got scare of it!
That is why I’m crying while I have accidentally cut my hand! (ok it is my finger anyway!!)

It is ridiculous I should say!
What am I thinking of while I’m cutting those stupid sausages??

Cover by plaster! Freaking pain!
The thing is I’m way too stupid when doing anything….

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