Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Earth Hour

As you people know that 27 March 2010 was Earth hour, so we, the besties support this event as one of our outing. About 8.25pm, 4 of us (Shi Ting, Jennifer, Su Ann and me) meet together at my house and we started to support the event by switching off the light. FYI, Kenneth has come late as usual. As you can see, we were super duper supporting this event (Earth Hour) including the neighbours. This can proved that we love Earth so much...

We supported Earth Hour!! It is kind of blury coz no light is available, except the street light.
This event was end at 9.30pm. After this event, we went Jonker to have the most “special” Perfect Ice ever.
They still having some discussion about where we going to.
The reason why I wrote “special” is because when Kenneth told me about this drink, he was like very excited to drink as if it is super duper nice, delicious and marvelous. But then after we came to know this drink, it is kind of disappointed, simply because it is a drink we usually drink at MMU. *rolling eyes*
NAH!! This is the "special" drink. It isn't bad in taste for sure, but then this drink is super normal for me. I'm really disappointing.
I thought it is a bowl of ice blended with cute fruity on top of it,(This is what I had imagine for sure) and kind of excited because I can captured the photo of it and post it in my blog. It really disappoint me. **sob**
First round end and second start.
As you know, one round outing is totally not enough for us!
So, we went the place we usually will go, that is, Limbongan.
Before we came out from the car, we have some photo in my car. Focus on Kenneth please! He is kind of funny with my mom sun glasses and super weird when somebody wear sun glasses in the night time. He said the purpose of wearing this sun glasses to protect his eyes from flash light. WAHAHAHA... *funny*
My blur face.

My after-eating otak! I just ate one and Shi ting has none of it coz Kenneth has ate finish all.

We were chatting and laughing all the time as usual, and it is kind of long for us to meet each other.
Photo: The couple of the day AS USUAL.......
Take 1: without sun glasses.

Take 2: with sun glasses.

Which one is nicer??? Choose only one~!!

This is so nice to hang around with them, when will be our next time?? Next week?? Next month?? Next year?? **sigh**
I hope our Penang trip was successfully plan!! PENANG TRIP, I'm coming....
PS: Happy to support Earth Hour today..
PPS: an incident happened when I wanted to open my car door; my car key was lost just in a second. I was so freaking worried about my car key and keep checking Su Ann’s bag (coz I put in her bag) for 10 times, but I couldn’t find it. At first I thought it is a joke, but my friends seem very worried too, so I started to panic and find for it as many times as possible. While I'm finding for my car key, my car lock sound appeared, and all of them were laughing madly. This is a joke!! WTH??

Somebody had hid my car key for a long time and yet still acting nervous, what a funny joke they had made. WAHAHA….Next time I should be more careful for my car key, if not this incident will be happen again. But anyway, this is a fun joke and new lesson for me.

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