Monday, March 15, 2010

Night gathering at Station 1

Last Saturday, we have our friend gathering station 1 (it is suppose to be 5sc2 gathering, but it was cancelled due to the lack of people going.)

About 8pm, I answered a call by Jennifer and she told me that there is a sudden gathering, a normal one. (Not the 5sc2 gathering), so I answer without hesitated, that’s yes!

There is a reason why I do not want to go 5sc2 gathering, people who know me well will knew it!
When I reached Station 1, I just realize that someone is going, ok! I do not want to state who it is, coz it is a secret!
I ‘m just so regretting, but anyway I have fun there too.
My drink, Lemon+ plum + water! This is so yummy!! It tastes sour yet sweet!
Well, my favourite pose was out again due to the lack of pose!
Camwhore with my sis. She went my friend gathering too, what a weird girl she is! WAHAHAHA...
I just can't understand why my sis love to play with my friends, maybe my friends is very kind compared to hers!! Tak Jie, me and sis! Ok, everyone was peacing but I didn't do that, coz I had forgotten to peace it! SAD!!The boys and where was wee kee looking at?? Concentrate please!!!!!!!
The girls and where we were looking at?? We were looking at my camera. (this is the photo in wen ai's camera)
Group photo!! 9 of us! Willy (The organizer of 5sc2 gathering) will be very angry of it!
After those photo session, we have some soft like block game (I have no idea how it’s call as, sorry). This is so fun coz our friend set a rule that guys can only take from the side and girls is free to take from any places.

So for us, girls, we also take from the side and the block will be unstable for the next person. (This is the techniques of letting others to make the bock fall)
Before start the game!! I'm so serious here! Trying to stable the block.

After they have taken the block, it became so unstable now!!

And it fall when somebody took it!! Everybody was trying to save the block, how helpful they are! WAHAHAHA

PS: I'm so lazy to upload photo right now, so few photos were uploaded! Sorry!!

PSS: school reopen and I've no mood to study now! Can somebody help me out??

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