Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner with friends!!!

Yesterday my friend and I went dinner together at the old Newton!
We ordered a lot of food.
We have…..

Ikan bakar- Kenneth
Porridge- Shi Ting
Fried carrot cake- Jennifer

My chicken wing!! This is the one I always wanted to eat! Love.
This has a funny story behind.
The story goes like that....
I wanted to buy only one of the chicken wings, but it is quite embarrass when you are going to buy just one. Thus, I asked my friends to buy some too, but they refused.

So I beg and beg, and think of just go there and tell the uncle that I just need one! However, one of my friends stops me and said that if I’m going to order just one, I’m going to punch by that seller.

I got afraid and started to mumble for that chicken wing.
At last, my friend bought another one and we got two chicken wings!!
That’s great!!

So I go and order and the uncle said ok!!! When I think back, I can just buy one actually…
What a stupid me!! *sigh*

PS: I know it doesn't funny at all but when you in this situation you will laugh out loud for sure!

The spiciest Taiwan sausage ever!! I hate it so much....
It is super damn spicy sausages ever!!!!!
One is lemon flavor (This is quite nice) and another one is dry cilli power flavor!! Can you imagine your tongue is full of spiciness??? That was awful!!

If you cant imagine let's watch this video, then you will know what spicy it is!!!

The scary sausage introduce by Kenneth Tan!! Scary~~

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