Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One day trip in Melaka Part 1

Date- 07-03-2010
Location- Melaka
Purpose-one day trip

Shin yi, Yun Chee and I had a one day trip at Melaka. This had reminded me about my Melaka one day trip with my secondary schoolmate when I’m just 16 years old. I had done that 4 years back and now do it again! This time Melaka has more beautiful scene, they built some building for the tourist to take photo with.

This post will be very long and full of photo, about 40++ (if not mistaken).

Now let’s the photo do the writing.

First stop, we went to visit Clock Tower and the view was so nice. Many tourists came here to visit it too, and we also take photo with the Clock Tower.

Last that, we headed to the windmill. Love this place the most though the weather isn't very good.

We captured a lot of photo with the windmill. The view was so damn beautiful!! *love*
The view was just same like some Europe country. Do you agree?? I love it so much~!

Two group photo or camwhore photo with the history places!! Love the view so much. I had just realized that Melaka has a nice view!!
Ok, fine! Camwhore again!? Do you realize that there is a lot of camwhore photo here? Yes!! It is simply because there is just 3 of us, no 4th parties!!
Boat that we eager to camwhore with it.
Finally we got it, although I just have a half face here but we did it!! *happy*
Two pretty girls walking on the street!! * lyrics from a movie "pretty women", but I had changed the lyrics!*Then headed to the dutch tower (Sorry, I don't know the name of it, so just name it as dutch tower, ok? )
This tower is newly built, I guess, coz I didn't see this tower pass few years back..

We are the king of Dutch!!! Take photo with the cannon!!
They are trying to climb the tower with their own strength!! Great!To make it as group photo, I'm camwhoring with them. *perfect*

When we were camwhoring, a lady came over and asked us whether we need help or not. Thus, we said yes and she helped to captured this group photo. What a kind lady she is.
Perfect shoot!!!
Then we headed to .........

This thing!! Sorry, I don't know it name again!Group photo again! *love*
We went the big ship right after the group photo. There is a reason why we willing to spent RM3 for this big ship though it is nothing inside! (I mean some historical stuff)
Coz we are way to hot to stand outside anymore, so we spent this RM3 proudly.
I'm the Queen!!!
In the big ship!!
They were trying to act, but they look so blur here. WAHAHAHA.......

WOW!! We found some treasure...
I'm the ghost from "the ring" (ghost story)Yun Chee spoilt this photo, but I love it!! She is so cute!!! Lydia: I'm going to kill you! Yun Chee!!!
Yun Chee: Someone help me please! Yun Chee is explaining the door function!! Camwhore again!
Shin Yi captured this photo while Yun Chee and I were chit-chatting. Good job, Shin Yi!!!
PS: I had finally update some of these photos in this post. I would split this post into 2, coz there is about 300+ photos we had captured! I will some of it only, sorry!!

OPPS!! There is two more to go...SORRY!!!
We were looking for handsome guys!! Yeah yeah!!

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