Monday, March 22, 2010

We are the MOST insane people in the world!!!

Why I said so?

This is because today Shi Ting and I had done the most insane thing in the world, which is SPAM Jennifer Facebook for an hour! We changed our name and profile photo to confuse our friends. This is so called FOOL PUBLIC (which they often said but I don’t really get what is that!)

Not to be late, we decided to change our name to Jennifer Ng Mou Mou and Jennifer photo in our profile. After set up all the detail, we start to spam her Facebook for an hour!

What we do was, we keep commenting on her Facebook, and she replied us… (This step repeated many times) a few minutes later, some friend involved and they feel curious about that.

What a funny case!
After sometimes, Jennifer and I became so blur on it, coz you know what?
The conversation will be like this…. (Example)

Jennifer Ng Mou Mou (Shi Ting): hi
Jennifer Ng (the real): Hi….
Jennifer Ng Mou Mou (Me): hello……

(Keep on commenting)

And the funniest part was, our nortification will show something like this:-

- Jennifer Ng Mou Mou post something to Jennifer Ng wall post
- Jennifer Ng Mou Mou comment on Jennifer Ng Mou Mou wall post.
- Jennifer Ng posts something to Jennifer Ng Mou Mou wall post.

This few lines keep on popping out, and I was like OMG! It is so confusing and so many things to see on!!

I’m totally freak out when too many things came along, but it is so fun. First time I'm having such a ridiculous plan with Shi Ting, I mean spamming others Facebook in a funny way.

I was so insane and keep commenting and laughing at same time.

However, this game ends after an hour, coz one of my friends said that if we keep spamming others Facebook, we might block by the Facebook people. (I don’t know who that is actually.)

PS: We have a happy ending for this game and in fact it is so damn fun! Love the game~!!

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