Thursday, March 11, 2010

One day trip in Melaka Part 2

Since my friend keep asking me to upload the One day trip in Melaka 2, I would update now!

This is the second part of our trip. I’m sorry that, I take so long to update this post.
After we went the big ship, we were so hungry and start o discuss where to have our lunch.
For some discussion, we finally decided to go SUSHIYA!

Sushiya have 30% discount until 31 of March, you may go and try it from now.

The environment was so nice, there is a few of us. I love it!!After we had ordered the food, as usual, we captured photo together as a remembrance.

There is many variety of food, from steam to fry to raw! Besides that, their price is quite reasonable compare to Sushi King. I love their food too.

One thing that are not so good about this Japanese restaurant is that we need to pay for the green tea!

I love their food so much! We ordered 3 sets and 3 sushi.
Me with my set of food!! Love it. It is tepanyaki chicken.
Shinyi with her wu dong mee set

Group photo. *wee
I'm the second one who finish the food. YEAH!!

Group photo with flash
And group photo without flash.
Which one is nicer???We wanted to do a reflected photo, but it seems like we fail. Our hand was too shaky, so no reflected photo will upload! Sorry...

After our lunch, it's time for us to continue our trip. Yahoo~~
We went out of the Dataran Pahlawan and start to captured a lot of photo.

We really fully "utilize" the "pondok" for photos!!! We were having a advertising of rebena! Nice?
camwhore again, but this time I made some funny face here. Love it!

Later that, we went the most historical place - The Kota AFamosa- to capture some photo at there.

Yun Chee is the instructor and she asked shinyi to boom the place! How bad she is. WAHAHA

KOTA AFAMOSA!! Love it~!

Advertising the bottle!

With Kota AFamosa!
While we were chit-chatting, a guy came over and asked us to take photo for them. After we had captured their photo, we asked them to do it for us for return. *how bad we are*
A lovely couple helped us to captured this photo. Thank!

While I'm climbing the St. Paul hill!

After a few minutes, we at the top of the hill and again- start to captured photo again! =.=lllWe met the lovely couple at the top of the hill and they are willing to help us to take photo again! Love them so much.. *kiss*
This is the lovely couple. They are so cute, cute couple!

This "sampated" Yun Chee was unwilling to captured photo with us, so what we did was....

Run away and camwhore ourselve! WAHAHA..
Posing with my DREAM HOUSE! The house was so nice and it is white in colour! Love Love Love~Went down the hill after we captured a lot of photo...
Shin Yi and I
I'm the aeroplane!Note: Please focus on the little boy!

This little boy fool me when I wanted to capture photo with him. He ran away when I came near him and said "TAK NAK TAK NAK" to me. He hurt me so much....*sob*

It is an easy job for me to lift up the aeroplane, so what I did was.....
Using one finger to lift up!! WOW!! How strong am I!! *proud of myself*
We went for a movie for that day, We had chosen "LITTLE BIG SOLDIER" as our choice. I love this movie so much, simply because Wang Lee Hom is the main character of this movie.
Besides that, Cheng Long is so funny here too, I love the song where Cheng Long will sing on this movie. It has a meaning on it.
Before the movie started
After the movie end... First time take photo in cinema, love love.
3 of us with 3 type of colour. Before going back to our home sweet home, we realize that 3 of us were wearing bracelet. Thus, this is the reason why we captured this photo. (I'm the darkest among us)

PS: I'm kind of lazy to type more in this post, so don't mind! I'm also rushing for my lunch now. Bye!!

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