Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Past and Future

Don't bother for the title, it is nothing to do with this post anyway....

Well, now is the middle of 3rd semester and end of midterm break for MMU. Its means there will be tons of assignment and exam will be and due on these days. I’m so lazy yet scare of it, coz it is my marks and I scared I will fail on any of the sub, especially FAR (financial and reporting). The name itself made me so scare of it.

I have FAR midterm exam this coming Saturday, but I’m way too lazy to start it!
I guess I should force myself to do now!
Lydia, you should do your best in every single exam paper.

I hope holiday is coming soon, coz we were discussing the trip to Penang just now. This is a trip where we had discussed for many years and we didn’t make it for years.
I hope there is no changes about the trip, really do not cancel. We planned many years ago, friends! REMEMBER??

We are going to wait for the date and the place we will visit at. I’m kind of excited to go the Toilet Restaurant which located at Times Square at Penang. This is the first place I will go for sure!
Besides that, we will visit snake temple, “ji le shi”, the beach and also their food!! *OMG*
While thinking of the Penang food, saliva is going to come out! I should stop thinking of it right now!! Exam should be done first!

I really hope no cancellation of this trip!! NONONONO…. *begging with blink eyes*

**praying hard**

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