Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's appeared again!!

Ok, stupid and clumsy me appeared again!
I’m way too clumsy these days.
As I had mentioned yesterday, I have accidentally cut my finger by a knife and forget to bring my purse to school, right?

Thus, what have happened to me again?
My clumsiness appeared again, AGAIN!!!

When I reached the class today, there is nobody in. I message my friend and yes she is on the way. Thus, I waited for her to come and went in the class together. We waited for about 3 minutes and start to curious about it.

At the end, one of our friends told us that there is NO CLASS for today!! *WTH*
We were so surprise and keep scolding the lecture of no informing us! I mean he did inform us but we didn’t log in our school website today. I’m so damn bad luck!!

Hope there will good luck for Saturday, coz I’m having a midterm exam!

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