Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sorry guys! I been absent for four days
And I didn’t upload the photo that I had promised,
This is because I haven’t get all the photo yet,
And tomorrow I will updates about my Port Dickson trip ok?
Hope that you guys will view it ok?

Nowadays I had nothing to do at all…
Tomorrow my result is coming out,
And I am so nervous now!!
Keep on thinking what I will get for my result…
I hate this kind of feeling….
Feel anxiety, panic, lack of confident…..
But I hope I can get it soon….
It is a complex feeling, right?
Will I fail or pass?
I really wanted to know~!
Can anyone tell me please….
Hope that I will pass…
Now I have 9 hours to go…
After that, my feeling will either be happy or sad
Hope that I will be very happy!!
Hope so….

Guys, wish me luck ok?

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