Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random~!! :)

Sorry, I had been absence for a week…
Currently I am appealing for my course-Accounting
I had wished to change my course as I had told you guys before
But sadly it has no news at all…
So I went administration to appealed again
Hope this time they will approve it as soon as possible…

Today is my third day in school
I feel so confuse and our course stuff still driving us crazy
I hope next week will be all right~!
Since I will be accounting student when they approve my letter so I went accounting class with my friend …
Some of the lectures have some weird slang when they are speaking…
I can’t even understand what they are try to said, this make me worried~!
But fortunately my accounting lecture was good~!
She will explain it clearly and nice
Thank GOD~!
She has no slang at all…. *evil laugh*
I like her so much~! But she is quite strict when dealing with homework~!

Guess what?
Tomorrow will be free day too~!

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