Friday, June 12, 2009

Port Dickson trip

Now I going to post my two days one night trip at Port Dickson
The first day when we had reached Serenbam was a miserable moment for me…
This is because we had waited for the counter to sell the ticket for an hour
But at last the system was down!!
OMG! That fellow had wasted our time just to wait a couple of ticket!
She really was driving me crazy that time! I feel like want to hit her face you know?
This is because I am so tired to wait her for so long~!
After the system down, we went for others bus counter to ask for a couple of bus ticket to Muar~
A couple minutes later, we finally got what we wanted to buy~!
Thank GOD!!

Later than we waited for the bus to go to Port Dickson,
The bus was totally HOT! Have no air conditional at all~!
Please open the door~! I beg you bus driver….
40 minutes later, we finally reached Port Dickson, my friend had fetched to the resort-glory beach resort!!
The resort was totally cool~!
You know why?
Because it has a beautiful view from our room,
Blue sky, sandy beach, and swimming pool!! I didn't lie to you guys right?
This is really beautiful!!!
While waiting for the time to passed, we had kind of like girls talk in the room,
We are chit chatting, tease around and also rest for a few hours,
This really fun!!
When all the guys are not around, our topic will be more….you know la~! Girls talk what!!

After the Girls talk, we went swimming~!
The pool was not so clean actually…
It is not crystal clear at all~~
But we have a lot fun moment in this pool~!
Some of my friend went for beach walking...They captured the sun set of Port Dickson…
I love it so much~!

Hehe~~ somebody please help me...
I am sinking...please help me....
We try to attack JJ by pulling him...
Posing in front of the camera...
This is what my friend had captured!!
Sun set~!
I love sun set very very very much...
It is so beautiful...

Dinner time!!
opps...quite blur...

Our dinner is “kari” chicken with bread and rice…
Wow~ yummy~!
I like the bread, it is so yummy….
Thank ah teh who help us to buy dinner for us!!

After our dinner , it is our game time….
We played ‘tempo king ’in the room,
Again! Some of them didn’t join us actually
Quite weird har…
This had make us laugh like hell,
My friend was a good tempo king, he always comes out some funny words that make us laugh or lose
Poor Jacqueline who always need to continue his word…
Truly have fun with them…
And we also captured a couple photo in the room…
Pose! Pose! Pose and pose~!
Keep on posing in front of the camera…hehe~
They both are so creative~!!

Later on, we had actually plan to draw others while they are sleeping…
Poor ah teh had became our experiment…
We draw a couple drawing at his leg and funny word too...
This is really making me laugh while drawing it…

And and and
This is my very first time went 7-eleven with friend at 4.30am
This is truly early in the morning… (We didn’t sleep actually)
We went there for a cup of Magee mee and chocolate (my favorite)

Then went home for a sleep…

The next days, is our time to go home!!
I am quite sad when we have to go home…
For a memory, we had captured many photos for the last time…
This really damn sad!!
After we had eaten our breakfast, this is our time to say good bye to Port Dickson and my friends
While waiting for the bus, I keep on talking with shin yee since this will be the last time to talk with her anymore
I will miss them very much~!
I hope that we can meet again~!!

This really look like a family....
And we are the children....*evil laugh~*
"Family" again~!!

P/S: I had uploaded the missing photo....enjoy it ya~!!

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