Saturday, June 6, 2009

My creativity 2

Currently, I had downloaded a software name Mei Tu Xiu Xiu
This is 100 times better than paint.Net!!!
Because it has many variety of feature for you to edit your photo!!
And the most important are some of the feature are animation!!
It can move and had funny movement!!
This is really cool!!
I had introduced this software to many of my friends and they said this is way beyond cool!!
You guys can try it if you want...
The website is
Try it guys!!
Trust me! You will love it after you had use it!!

Now!! I wanna show you guys what I had done using this software!!
Let's enjoy it!!!

Oh Yeah!!
I am the Princess!! *evil laugh*
And Vicky too!!
This is so Princess!!!
Like this so much!!!

My little cousin in the billboard~~
He is so famous now!!
*evil laugh*

Yes!! Mommy and sister in pink!!
I love this one so much,,,
Because it is so sweet!!!

I had given my cousin a little hat to cover his cute "botak" head!!
and plus a spec for him..
Look cute har!!

My sister and cousin!!!
Queen and king!!
I like to use Queen and King icon to edit photo so much,
Because this is so pretty after edited!!

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