Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good News for ME!!

This is really a good news for me~
Because I had pass all my subject
I am truly happy now!
Yesterday I was so worried and I just slept for five hours…
You know?
I am very………………….anxiety yesterday!
Now the feeling was like woo~~ finally pass!!
Really relief now…

Time passed so fast~!
A new semester is coming soon…
And I have few more days to play, hang around with friends…..
I hope these days I can enjoy more

After we had taken our result,
My friend had actually asked me for a movie
So we decided to watch Terminator Salvation...

This action movie really damn cool and shocking!!
I love it sooooooooooooo much!!
And the main character was quite handsome actually…especially John Connor
This story had actually told us that "Everyone deserve a second chance"-Marcus Wright~!
Whether you are right or wrong....

Oh yeah!
I had forgotten the motor terminator~!
Here it is....

Look how cool is it?
But it looks scary actually....

The motor terminator was freaking cool…
It wouldn’t faint or die even when the car crash on it!!
How cool if I can own it too har…
But if we had one then it’s the end of world, right?

You guys can watch it if you like it~!
But seriously it's a nice movie..
You will not regret after watching it!!

P/S: I will update my Port Dickson Trip tonight, so be patient ok?

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