Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Post

Yesterday my friends and I went play badminton at somewhere near Batu Berendam…
Yesterday was the funny day ever….
Because one of my friend went to the wrong court
And he keeps on arguing!! So funny!!
After we had reached there, we make fun of him!!
And we had captured a lot of photo….
This is the first time we captured photo in badminton court..
And our camera women is Jennifer!!!
She keeps on capturing our movement and funny post!! Nah!! This is what we had done yesterday...
who was kicking me??
Somebody help me~~~:(
haha~~ Did you guy see something besides my friend-Shi Ting??
Did you see IT!!!
Just right besides her!!!
I think He wanted to play badminton with us...
Shi ting faster run!!!
woo~~ so scary!!
Ghost or Human??
haha~~Everybody please Don't be scare!!
He is A human and not a ghost!!

After playing badminton, we went to our “Lao Ti Fang” have some tea!!
We ordered many things to eat…as you can see in the photo

France toast, hawaii toast, new zealand toast and ham with cheese toast.... but NOT grumpy toast ok? hehe~~
These toasts really very normal...
Next time i wouldn't order anymore...
Waste money!!! hehe~~This looks so yummy!!!
And the laici so big!!
not like i often eat one!!! toast!!!

Tomorrow We are going picnic at Klebang!!!
Can't wait for it anymore~~~

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