Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie day!!!

Today is a Movie day for me!!
We went cinema to watch Night At The Museum 2!!!
This movie really hilarious and nice!!
I like the rock that attach to the likes to said "dum dum"
It is so funny!!!
And also the monkey...super cute!!!
I like all of them!!! They are so happy and cute!!

P/S: Today is cinema day, so HALF PRICE for all the movie!!! so happy!! :)

After we had finished watching Night at the Museum 2...
As usual we were went for our lunch,
Today we went Station Kopitiam for our lunch!!
I can tell you, their food was totally suck!!!
Workers are doing their stuff inside that dirty place!!
When my friend had saw the way they done the food,
She said the place just like makmat stall....quite dirty!!

This is what i had ordered just now!!
This is so suck!!
It taste like salty mashroom chicken chop!!
The mashroom sauce was so salty!!
wow~~ their salt is free I think!!! :(
Spaghetti again!!
My friend said their meat ball just like fish ball...haha~~~
But anyway I don't know because i didn't order that stuff!! haha....

Our drink!!
Erm....Their drink pass!!
I like their ice lemon tea!!
freaking nice!! love ice lemon tea so much!!! refreshing~~~
BUT my friend was so unlucky because her milk shake with fruit was totally suck!!
she was so regret to ordered that drink....haha....
Viki you so unlucky haha...
My chicken chop with our drink!!
Good shot har!!
This is what viki had captured, right angle har!
Viki and Jennifer!!!
We went for movie together~~
Happy happy!!
Jennifer is thinking of her boy friend!!!
haiyoyo!! stop thinking la....jk
She is pretending actually....*swt*

I am promoting my drink again!!
I like this photo...
It looks so nature...
good job jennifer!!
sob sob :(
Why my eyes close at this moment!!!
Can we take again??
Good friend ever...Viki!!
my secondary friend who always play with me since form 1..
actually we both are so dislike each other at first moment...
But as soon as we talk together, we both became best friend ever...
funny right??
she also help me to edit this photo....
thank ya!!
My favourite post!!
That's right!! Peace!!
This is what my friend had told me..
Finished eating all the food!!
See how hungry we are!!
nothing left!
except some cucumber....I hate it so much!!!
hey guys!!
Please look at the sun glasses and not look at me....
Did you see two girl are staring me??
They are trying to captured a reflected photo...hehe~~
Funny girl!! hehe~~
They gonna kill me if they saw what I had wrote!!

Today is fun day!!
So long didn't go out with my friends...
Feel so happy!!

gonna end my post

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