Friday, June 26, 2009


I really feel sad when I saw this line appeared in one of my friend personal message.
This line look so familiar...I miss all of them..
From strangers to best friends, this friendship had never end before and I like the way we hang around during our break time. This would not happened anymore, because some of them had gone to Cyber and we are not longer in the same class. Besides that, there are lesser and lesser times to let us hang around anymore...
Suddenly feel down~~!!
This had reminded me about our last gathering at Dream Box, the sadness and soreness of the condition in that small room. The song that completely killing us…tear all around the place, singing with tear, no laughing anymore...Sadness began~!! All of us were like crying and laughing, complex feeling~~besides that, the entire photo was so ugly, because we are crying~! :(
Oh~! Boy was like what the hell you all crying, but actually I know they will cry after going back...because of some “face” matter…

But anyway, I hope our friendship would not change whether we at Cyber or Melaka….and come back and visit us ok?

Friendship forever~!!


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