Friday, June 12, 2009

What a "good" school in Melaka....

I am going to crazy now!!
We just like a ball which had been kick from one place to another.
Why they keep on kicking us from one place to others??
They can't even decide what to do...
Keep on kicking us from FBL to administration then last is WAIT!!
WOW~~ their working system really suck~!
What a “good” school har?
We pay the fees just to wait for their slow process
I had appealed to change course for about one month but until now there was no news about it...
And their reason was likes …oh our process haven’t been done yet, so wait awhile…
Need to wait again and again!
I hate the MMU working style and their online system really suck~!
What a “best” school in Melaka…

Now I can’t register my course…
I hate it so much!!
Please change the system!!
We had paid lots of money and yet this is the result??
Really driving me crazy!!!

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