Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hey hey hey…

There are nothing happened these few days, bored schooling days. I had actually gone to school for lecture, went back after lecture, sleep, eat, sleep…..that’s all my life of schooling days, I hate it actually. It is so boring~!! I miss my holidays and it had passed for 2 weeks ago, really miss it so much~! So do you right? The first day of schooling was the worst day ever, my pencil box had been stolen by some stupid guys, and there have my lovely highlight pen, pencil, pen and many more…sob sob~~ but lucky my calculator was in my bag, if not I think I need to buy one again..Besides that, as I told you guys before the changing course stuff, it has actually made me crazy…and the time table too..Wow~~ the worst day ever.

But it is alright now!!

Oh gosh~!! Complaint again!! (I think this will appeare in your mind now, right?)

In fact I just want to updates my blog; sorry for some boring complaint and it is really nothing happened these days….


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