Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Monday =]

Its Monday people!!!
Today I had gone to MP again, and for your information this is the third time I went there since the last day of exam, rather familiar to the place. At first, I am the one who need to drive to MP, but for some reasons I had decided to follow Bee Yoke’s car, so that I am not alone in the car….

When we reached there, we headed to Bowling complex to have some chat with the rest of them, as we continue to chat; we decided to have a movie at there. Thus, we went GSC to choose a movie. Before that, we need to take a lift to reach there. When we (not included Jennifer and Bee yoke) went in the lift, we saw a guy with some weird move. He keeps staring at us, especially the GUYs!!! He is gay? Or have some problem? I am totally fright of him, and keep looking at one of my friend for help. He is totally weird!!! After we reached GSC, we saw him again!! I am totally in fear, sweating and hoping that the person not in the same room with us. And luckily he is not in the same room with us!! *thank GOD*

Oh yeah! We had chosen “The Perfect Getaway”. This movie is pretty shocking at the end of it, but the front part was like so-so. Overall was rather okay.
Before went in the room, we had bought some drink of course. And I had made a mistake because I thought that the regular size drink is the size as the small cup one, whose knows? it is bigger than what I had expected!! See!! So different between the regular and the small size..@.@
The big one- Lydia aka ME!!
The small one- miss Jennifer..Now + The STANDARD SIZE Milo which is ordered by En Ting. The standard size cost him RM 2.70 per cup, OMG!! That is so expensive...and it is smaller than the small size one.... @.@

As usual, after watching the movie, it’s time for us to have our breaklunch (breakfast + lunch) and we decided to eat Pizza!!!

Later on, we headed to Snooker Park to have some game. This is the very first time I went there for this kind of game. I never ever have been there before since the day I born except today. This game is a fresh game for me, and it is pretty fun to play. I had learned how to shoot the ball, it is rather fun!!! However, I hate the environment, it is simply because I hate smoker and those smoker keeps smoking at there, made the clean and clear environment to a cloudy place. Besides that, the smell of the cigarette was totally stinking!! Hate it so much!!! I wish to go home at that time…..*sincere talk*

4 of them are playing snooker and where am I? I am the photographer of course...*evil laugh*

PS: I really very tired today, play from morning until evening, all my energy had been used up and now I need to recharge it...so GOOD NIGHT!!!

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