Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steamboat gathering =]

Welcome To Steamboat Gathering at aunt's house....I am Jun Shen's favourite!!! I have no name...if you wanted to give me a name, please tell Lydia ok?
(This bear is my cousin's favourite, he will bring it wherever he goes, cute right?)

Well, as I mentioned, I will go aunt’s house to have a steamboat gathering with my relatives today. As usual, there will be lots of relatives attended including my two little cousins, uncle and aunt from KL. They had come back for this steamboat gathering as my little cousins was craving for this steamboat for a long time. He had grown up and cut a new hair style, pretty cute. I love him as usual. Our home-made steamboat, yummy~~ LOVE IT!!! Except the chili, anti-chili from now, it is freaking spicy!!!! when I am eating those chili, I felt that I am burning.
Everyone is busying eating and talking, but I am busy taking photo for this blog..*laughing*
While taking those photo, my aunt keeps nagging on us. Pretty annoying!!! =p

Okay, I am not forgetting to capture photo with my two little cousins. They are as cute as I mentioned every times they came back. I just way too love them. I think most of us love them so much. What they had requested will be given by my mom and aunt; they are way too cute to love. If you are part of our family, you will know it. *evil laugh*

See! So cute isn't? Hug together so closely....
As my sis said "heng dai". They really look so close to each other.
In real life, the youngest will bully his bro, it is pretty funny isn't?
I love them so much.
Not the bear ok? *evil laugh*

OH yeah!!!
Not to forget to introduce the best guy in the world, My uncle!!!
He is the best guy in the world ever, he made the milk, help the kids change their pampers and ever bath them.
SEE!!! How good is it!!
We should have this kind of husband!!! *laughing*

PS: I am haveing a super great night today, Going to sleep now!!! chow~

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