Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today is the very first day I watched movie with our Ms. Aiko.

However, it is not purposely plan as usual, it is simply we had taken a speaking test before that and she had planned to wait her dad at my house. It is just a coincident; we did not plan at all. So after the MUET speaking test, we went back my home and prepare ourselves for Cloudy with the chance of meat ball. I am so happy that I had reached home on time and got to watch this movie. I had waited it for so long and finally it is on the cinema. I am freaking happy.

About 11.45am, sis’s friend came to our house and fetched us to MBO which is nearby my house. When we reached there, we bought the ticket and went into the room. Surprisingly, there is nobody inside, and I was shock and keep asked my sis whether we are in the right room or not. We had double check the room, and it is no problem. While we are doubt for the room number, the show is about to start. It is way too cool, 5 persons in one big room.

This movie is totally making us hungry; all the food was way too delicious, it has gummy bear, ice cream, cheese burger and also spaghetti. I love the ice-cream and jello scene the most. However, in the end, the entire look of the food was so gross. (If you watch it, you will know)

Ice-cream drop from the sky... It is so beautiful and delicious...

I totally in love with it....

Besides that ice-cream scene, I love this jello scene too..
It is so........cute~ =p
Since my sis and I were craving for MCD for so long, so we headed to MCD after the movie. As usual, Mc chicken pleases. My favorite!

Okay, I admit that girls would not waste any chance to capture photo. We were like capture here and there, all kinds of pose. Mostly are “sampated” posed of course. *laughing*

I love “sampated” pose so much, it is just my favorite.
Please see the Jennifer's body pose that we had done. Our face were so serious, but sadly sis didn't capture the whole body of us. Never mind, we will try the next time, promise?

The phone pose again. We just like to pose with the phone...Opps!! I mean public phone. *evil laugh*

My sis is a camwhore queen, she will camwhore wherever she go...freaking out of that!!!
SEE!! how many photos she has....*swt*

PS: I finally got to watched cloudy with the chance of meat ball…I am absolutely happy~

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