Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream come true =p

Well, I’ve been craving for sushi for about two days and finally I got to eat it yesterday. Yepee!! It just like a dream come true, I am totally happy with it, because its cost RM2 per plate with member card. OMG! It is way too worth for me. I LOVE SUSHI!!!! About 10 in the morning, we went Jusco to have our Sushi breakfast and this is the first time I am eating sushi in the morning. After reaching there, it’s time for us to start our Sushi meal happily. We eat, tease and taking photo. (My favorite) I love food photo, it is way too fun to capture it!! However, all of us were still in the dreaming mode, pretty tired for the early wake up.
I LOVE SUSHI!!! Its cost RM2 per plate, worth right?
We having a great meal in the morning and I love the star we had made using our finger, it is so nice. We ever captured photo with the workers, really "sampated", but it is fun..*laughing*

1,2,3,4......woo~ too many to count.....= to what we had eaten...a lot right? Because it is cheap!!! "sampated" again!!! trying to add up how many plates we had eaten....

After our very-worth meal, we headed to MP again. However, this time neither shopping nor eating, we are going to sing karaoke at Dream box. I am absolutely happy!! It is because this is the very first time I went karaoke with my sis, Miss Jennifer and Ms. Viki. However, our Ms. Viki feels uncomfortable of the cold place. It is rather sad!! Because she didn’t enjoy much at there, I am sorry to give the wrong information. Hope you don’t mind.

Before headed to Dream Box, we've some so called promoting product photo. In simple word it called "sampated". *laughing*. We trying to act, act and act....non-stop as usual.....
This is the very-expensive snack ever. RM6 per plate!!! OMG!! It only cost RM2.30 in the supermarket, it is really expensive for a plate!!!!
My one is Orange juice, it is just like a normal juice which you can buy from supermarket. OMG!! again, supermarket!!! All the stuff in Dream Box can get from supermarket, except the room....*=.=lll*

We having a great time at there, talking, singing, laughing and even shouting!! We shout more than sing actually. However, as I mention just now, Viki didn't enjoy at all..=[

I really have fun with you guy!! Hope we can go sing K again....Ms. Jennifer and Ms. viki....

Edited: (Photo taken by Viki)Before going back my sweet home, I went to Viki's house to see her "pig", it is so cute.....But I didn't get the time to capture photo with them, pretty sad!!! *sob sob*

PS: Our Ms. Jennifer had straigthen her hair...(Opps! I had announced to all of them, sorry ya..Jennifer..)*laughing* and I had cut my fringe, now I look like a stupid dude!!

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