Friday, October 9, 2009

The end of Final Exam =]

It had been some time since I blogged! I’ve been busy lately on my final exam, and this is really killing since the last two weeks. I am dying man!!!

Okay, stop the unhappy stuff and start my happy life.

(Since my final exam “traditional” had cancelled (sing K))
Thus, after my exam yesterday, I went MP with my sister who had finished her industrial training since last two week. I am extremely happy; this is simply because I had bought my skin food product which I wish to buy for a long long time!!!

This is the skin food product which I wish to buy for so long...
Papaya mask, nose mask and eyes back mask...I love the Papaya mask so much because it smell so good!! Highly recommended!! *thumb up*

Later than, we went swimming at my family friend’s house, that was extremely FUN FUN FUN!!! Love swimming so much!! Love Love Love~~

We really have fun at there, miss that moment so much!! We teased around, laughing, playing and swim as well.

With aunty Lucy...she is a funny cute old lady ever!!!!
This is what she asked me to captured for, jump post!!!
Her expression was so funny...
*laughing*Everybody said cheese!!!
Obviously I am the photographer!
After our short-term swim, it’s the time for us to have our dinner…
Our dinner was so great, vegetable + fish +arak chicken + Aunty Lucy's "campur rojak" soup...
The soup so delicious thought it is "campur rojak" soup.

I am wondering when we are going to start our dinner, I am totally hungry that time. Lydia thinking: "Everyone please stop talking, let's start eating all this stuff please....*laughing*"

Mahjong time!!!
Lost rather a lot yesterday, *sob sob*
The winner was my sis aka the photographer...

Last is the black clever doggy, her name is ……….. (Forget already =P) , a cute little doggy who are so smart, this is simply because she knows the way home after being thrown away from house. *clap clap*

PS: my last day of exam was totally fun fun fun!!! But not for today!! I am staying home the whole day long.....This is extremely BORING!!!

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