Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sakura House again =.=lll

This is the third time I went Sakura House with friends. Okay, I know it is too much, but who cares? I just like to go there for Japanese food. It is super duper worth!!

You guys must go once! Trust me!

So today we went there for our brunch, it is super cheap for us. It only cost about RM11 per persons, cheap right? We really enjoy a lot at there. Today's set. We had ordered Fried pork set, Tempura set and the rest. (sorry! I had forgotten the name..)
Our side dishes. I love all of is so nice and cheap!! ^^

After the food had arrived, let's start our hand!! Oh yeah!
Everybody is busying with their food and yet I still capturing photo. *swt*
Hey girls, wait for me!! Don't start so fast!!

Playing with the chops stick!! Many pose right?? Lydia creation. *laughing*
Sampated with Ms. Yin Kun. Miss her so much...friend forever...
Ms. yinkun "baby". *laughing* This is what she had hanged on her phone. Rather big la wey!

After our food, we had some random photo. Enjoy!
First take- Xinyi became the holder, good job!! Love this photo so much, everyone is pretty! *yeepee*
Second take- I am the who is a holder of the photo. Ms. Cia sin very cute, and my face is freaking big la wey..*sigh* (Have pimple somemore *swt*

Everything is empty!!! GOOD *thumb up*

While sitting in the car, I keep capturing the photo of them and camwhore. TADA!!! Our Ms. Yinkun looks so emo and I am in the good mode. I am wondering what she actually thinking har? Maybe Boyfriend!! *laughing*

PS: I will go sakura house again this sunday...*maybe*

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