Monday, October 12, 2009

BBQ at friend's house

Well, since our final exam is fall on the moon cake festival, so we decided to celebrate it today.
About 6.15pm, Jennifer had came our house and fetched us to Sheng Yi’s house; we had prepared many food for this party, such as chicken (the main point), hot dog, Taiwan hot dog, crab stick, fish ball, potatoes, fried rich and fried mee hoon. (Sadly I had accidentally delete the photo...T.T)
Sheng Yi's puppy are so cute. His name is Teddy, one year old. I really wish to bring him back to my sweet is so cute....LOVE him so much!!! Love you! Love you!!!!
Teddy is in the cage....
He looks so blur but cute....LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!
You really look like a teddy bear, I love it....

Before we start to BBQ the food, its time for our Miss Jennifer and Mr. Tan En Ting to light up the fire...*clap clap* However, they had failed to light

Let's round applaud to our KING scout
Mr. Wang and Mr. edmund!!!!
The King scout is trying to light up the fire...gambateh!!!!! *laughing*
Wang had thought an idea!!
Blow it with a fan!!! It really a good idea right?
The fire is getting bigger and bigger now.....*thumb up*

After the fire had been lighted up, its time for us to BBQ (OMG, I waited for so long man!! *laughing*). But sadly most of the chicken end with "ciao dao" and I can tell you it is really black in colour......
SEE!! how black it is...No one is going to eat that chicken with black skin!!
It really yuck...(en ting had made it like that...*laughing*)

Thus I end up to BBQ on myself and the result was….

Its looks pretty good right?
Please call me SIFU again…
I am the pro BBQ chef…*ss-ing*

All of us was having a nice day today, BBQ happily with each other, teasing around, chit-chatting, make fun around and have some “sampated” stuff as usual… is really funny and fun!!

After sometimes, we needed to add some charcoal to the stove so that it still burning as usual. However, the problem is what we going to use to break up the charcoal in pieces?
Sheng yi had given us this to break up the charcoal *laughing* its pretty funny!!
Girl gathering + two “ultra man” and the pink paper which stated "donation PLEASE"
What am I doing??
Who captured it??
Conclusion: Wang did it!!!! *sigh*
Both of them are wondering who going to bring back the remained food.
Shi Ting: who going to bring back this food?
Sheng Yi: I think......let us share together....
Those guys are busy talking to each other, as if they are having some important meeting…Don’t talk la Wei, help the girls please…..=P
(Captured by Mr Wang- The King scout)
Good Shot!!!
IXUS 80 IS is the best ever!!! and not DSLR......*laughing*
The snack which I wanted to bring back.....*sob sob*

PS: I am very happy today and tomorrow I am going to MP again!!!!! wondering where we will go this time....

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