Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My second day of school...=[

The second day of my school was boring and sleepy. However, our lecturer was quite good in teaching. *clap clap*

Although today lecture was boring, but I still I prefer Quantity Analysis lecturer than the Cyberpreneurship lecturer. Our Cyberpreneurship lecturer was damn noisy and I don’t even pay attention to her lecturer, I mean all of us…

Why I am so sleepy today?
This is due to the early waked up. In the morning, mom suddenly waked me up and asks me to fetch her to work. I am totally in a sleeping mode, I can tell you. After sending my mom to work, my sleeping day was end. *sob*

So, I on my laptop and started to watch drama. Nowadays I was watching an old drama 命中注定我爱你. I knew it is very old drama, but I just addicted to it, and I don’t know why? It is a good drama yet a pity one. Rather sad to watch it.

After a short chapter I had watched, I went to fetch my sis. I am the driver today, keep driving there and then, rather tired of it. About 12.30pm, I went MCD to have my lunch with Jennifer. Why choose MCD again? This is because Jennifer was craving for the free cup for a long long time. Am I right? Jennifer

Later that, we straight away went to our class. As I had mentioned just now, the class was totally boring and sleepy.

After my class, thank GOD!!

I straight away jump in my bed and have a long nap for a day. =]

This is my day for today….
Rather boring right?

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