Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mission complete!! =p

It’s Saturday people!!!

I had spent my Saturday in MP and DP with friends, how yours?

My schedule had fully arranged with much fun stuff today.

About 8 in the morning, my sis and I went out with my mom to have some pray at the temple. It is rather tired because I slept at 3am last night, and woke up early in the morning. Feel dizzy =8!!! However, we had complete the “mission” at 10am, pretty fast right? *laughing*

My sis and I dropped mommy somewhere at Jonker, then prepare our next “mission”. That’s right!!! SHOPPING at MP and DP with my friends!!
Objective: To gather with my friend, take breakfast and shopping of course.
Mission/vision: buy nail polish!! *again*
Conclusion: have a happy ending!!!
My new bought nail polish!!! nice colour right? *evil laugh*

Before shopping, we drop by WONG KOK to have our breakfast. I had ordered a plate of Chicken cheese chop (something like that), miss Shin Yi ordered "wantan" mee and a cup of guava drink, miss aiko ordered "luo song tang" as her breakfast, (I am wondering whether she is full or not? *wondering*) and my sis ordered a cup of hot milk tea for her breakfast as she is going to diet for whole day long. *laughing*

Captured with my chicken cheese chop, Love this dish so much, it is simply delicious with the CHEESE!! As I mentioned before, I am a CHEESE lover!! =p
With 2 of them,
OMG!! they are so pretty except ME!! @.@
After our delicious meal, we headed to shoes shop-BATA to search for sis's sport shoes...
And this is what I had found in one of the shop, a raining shoes, pretty cute right??
SS-ing with my sis at Mini Tool...
Rather fun at there, captured many "sampated" photo with them.
TADA!!! This is what I mean for....
" we are graduate man!!!, happy!!!" *ss-ing*
Three persons are "graduated"!!!

We really have fun at there since this is the very first time I shop with them at MP and DP, we had bought many stuff especially my sis who declare bankrupt after buying too many things. Before we end our “mission”, we went Green Apple to have some ice blended and bubble tea. However, I prefer the one at Jonker more than this!!

Later than, we went back home and have a nap!!
After our nap, the 3 rd “mission” began!!
Venue: Jonker walk
Time: 8pm
Objective: To have some nice food.
Mission: buy nice food to fill our stomach @. @
Conclusion: have a sweat night at there, rather fun!!

Our 3 rd mission is the weirdo one, it is simply because we saw a gang of friends wearing pajamas and walking on the street funnily!! That was weird, but I like it!! It is simply COOL…
About 11pm, it is end of our mission!!I really have fun today!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

That my dinner- "tou gan", it is so delicious....yum yum!!
OMG! I am hungry now~

PS: Tomorrow I am going to Moon Cake party at my friend's house, YAHOO!!!! =]

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