Thursday, October 22, 2009

PM1516 gathering~♥

Yesterday was our PM1516 gathering, although there are just five of us, but somehow I really feel that we are 13 of us. I miss them a lot, miss the entire thing we had done when we are in the foundation, singing, chit-chatting and also our lunch time as I mentioned quite a lot in the past post. It is simple but fun and meaningful for us. Okay. Let’s start our gathering now. Yesterday was special, because my sis followed me to gather with my PM1516, and be my bodyguard. *laughing*

The purpose of having this gathering is that our PM1516 leader had came back to Malacca for a visit. (This is what he called himself-PM1516 leader). We went WING yesterday and this is my very first time went there, and surprisingly nobody was there. Are we weirdo? Or the place has no business at all? *laughing* nope! This is simply because yesterday was WEDNESDAY, as a result NOBODY in this place.
As usual, we ordered some food and drinks; I had ordered the “tea flavor” mango milk ice blended. When drinking this drink, it just appeared some “TEH TARIK” flavor, it totally weird!!!
While drinking my mango milk ice blended, we talk, teased around and also captured photo. *laughing*
It is so fun to capture some “sampated” photo with Ms. Aiko, I miss the moment when we at foundation, and Ms. Shinyi of course.
Ban "paparazzi"....If you keep capture my photo, you will get a punch. *laughing*
Thus, do not capture my shity photo, please..*warning*
My new nail polish colour...Opps, I think it is too light...*shy*

Oh yeah! I wanted to introduce my new found “bro” who is same age as me *weird*, Mr. Koo. Is he looking alike with me and my sis? Erm… I don’t think so guys. One "family"?????
Look alike?
I really don't get it? We are trying to pose as what the poster did, but obviously we are fail.
It is because they are too pretty and we are not except our Ms. Aiko. (Don't be shy when I am saying you pretty, Aiko)
Captured photo with a tree??
We seems like we are enjoying captured photo with the tree. Freaking funny with it…
we keep posing, posing and posing, we wouldn't tired one....

Our second destination is Dataran Pahlawan’s field; we went there to capture lots of “sampated” photo as a remembrance. This place is a memorable place for me, because I had been there before with my secondary friends, simply fun. Now, is turn to go with my PM1516, we really had done many sampated pose. Below is our sampated photo. Let’s enjoy it.
"Thousand hand guan ying"-千手观音... The very first person will always our Mr. Teh aka Tea Boh...
This is my favourite ever..........
Everyone ready?
1, 2, ..............................3 RUN!!!!

L.O.V.E ♥
DOne by Pm1516 fellows....
The rest we trying to act...Love Love and Love....
I love the word we had done, simple and nice...Love it ♥
We are the PM1516 gang ever....Love the T-shirt so much. It look so "saky" when it is in line...
Did it remind you something? Did it?
Yeah! It is from the drama “流星花园" (Meteor Garden)
However, we are PM1516 Garden...*swt*
I know it is lame, just ignore what I had said.

This is so called 回眸一笑 ( It means turn and laugh....bad expaination! *swt*)
However, what you had done Ms. Aiko? Probably is a GHOST!!! ♥

Hey, this two girls are so naughty...They keep "peace-ing" when I am taking the photo of them.
Please do not peace again the next photo.....
Good *thumb up*
But why there is a weirdo inside the photo???
*evil laugh* That is my sistar. She is not our PM1516 Gang, so she does not has our PM 1516 T-shirt, of course....

Let's me show you guy how to be GAY and LEsbian...*laughing*
enjoy it~(If something that make you vomit, please do not.....complain...)Tada~~ It is our PM1516 leader and Mr. Koo.

They were talking sweetly, however, they got shock when we trying to capture their photo.
I am a good story maker right?
Call me Ms. story maker, or good paparazzi...

And now is the Lesbian. Kissing to each other lovely...♥
1st try, 2nd try and third try......
All of this is just a fake posing...
Now I realize how a paparazzi did when they are trying to capture the photo of idol....
It is just so fun to play with...

PS: All of this is just posing ok? Don't misunderstanding, please. I like boy not girl.....

About 10.30pm, it time for us to end our gathering, simply because We are girl and we need to go bacj early...sorry ya, Mr. Koo and Mr. Teh aka Tea Boh...(still trying to tease you although I going to end my post...)

While waiting for Shinyi and Koo, three of us (Teh, Aiko and me) are playing some game.
Aiko and me are playing with the rubber, while Teh is trying to act EMO guy....really have fun yesterday...
This is how we are playing with the rubber band...
Made kinds of "pattern"..

PS: I'm going to hit by Sandra I think....*evil laugh*

PSS: I am so happy to meet you guys again, it reminds me many memory with you guys....Hope to go out with you guys next time, and please come back and visit us again, TEH!!

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