Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miserable Day

I had a miserable day today
I woke up at 5 something in the morning, and had some cleaning process
My mom had fetched me to my friend’s house at 6.30am
I had waited them for 3 minutes and prepared to go in the hostel
Unfortunely, visitors can only go in at 10 in the morning
And the guard keeps on showing the marks had written in the billboard...damn irritating!!!
The attitude of the guard was totally bad!!!
I am miserable because of her attitude!!

So as to spent our meaningless morning, we went to a coffee shop to do some stuff
And I had ordered a cup of Milo and “roti tissue” as my breakfast…
While waiting for the foods to come, we spent our time to do some project stuff.
Time passes, we had finished up all the food that we had order and we quickly went to the accounting class (the most miserable class) for lecture.
When we had some break time, some of my members started to sell the product such as hot dog bread and sandwiches.
Many of them had supported us, and I would like to thank to you guys!!!
I am miserable because…….
We are so tired to do this product and yet some stupid fellow had just critic us by saying some stupid line.
I think the way that person act was like a immature baby saying some immature thing,
And that person was brainless; he/she didn’t care of our feeling when he/she had say that kind of things.
I would like to say I am not critic you, but you attitude truly like an immature fellow, and you didn’t think before you talk…and please do not do that again...If not you will not be able to grown up!!!
I didn’t say that our foods are delicious, but at least we try our best!!
Why should you critic us by saying that kind of word?
I know your group is the best, your products are the best la but your acting was the worst ever!!!

Forget what I had written just now and continue my post ……
Okay now continue my topic…
After accounting class we had try to promote our goods but many times we had fail to promote it…
Why nobody in school one??
Today our school was extremely quiet and nobody was there
How are we gonna promote our goods??
I really want to have booth so that we didn’t need to walk people by people, block by block!!!
Why lecture didn’t want us to have our own booth?
Really tiring!!!
After school, the first thing we had done is to have a discussion with our group members,
Second we went to hypermarket to get some stuff….
This is the very first time I went hypermarket with friends because usually we went there with our parent’s right?
Have fun and tired too…
Went back to hostel to have our dinner…
Do some stuff and chit chatting
And we are so miserable today…
I want to keep as secret!!!
Sorry ya!!
11.30pm I had finally came back to my lovely house
I took a bath
And started to do my math (I am copying actually….hehe..)

And NOW!!!
I am going to sleep!!!
The whole day busy walking, promoting, selling and preparing stuff…
Truly tired!!!
Good night :p

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