Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King!!! love it so much!!

Hey hey hey!!!
I am coming back again to post something new!!!
I am super happy today
And this is the first time too
Guess what?
SEE!! how many people are waiting for the places to enjoy their sushi, we also waited for half and hour you know?

This is the very first time I went sushi king with my friends
Oh!! That was super happy because sushi king had a PRoMoTion today!!!
Each plate worth RM 2 only!!
yeah!! You eyes have not problem it is really cost RM2 only!!
Wows…cool man I love this kind of promotion
We ate quite a lot and some of them had pay by my friend’s boyfriend
Woo….we are so lucky!!! Haha….joke la
I feel bad actually because we had eaten those too
Anyway thank you!!!
We captured many photo at there
And it is so embarrassing you know?
It is because when I captured four of us by my own, the outsider laughed at us and one of those was my friend
It is so embarrassing!!!
Never mind!! Next time I will be more careful when doing this kind of thing (so that nobody seeing us)
And now let’s enjoy the photo that we had captured!!!

some funny people put the cover on top of it...so funny

woo...so busy everyone and yet i keep on captured photo!!! XD

This is what we had eaten..cool right?

I am promoting the green tea of sushi king!!! the green tea quite nice.

Lien fang and big head promoting their tea too...

3 of us and yet i still promoting their tea!! hehe...

We are trying to captured our photo without any help of others
This is what we had captured!!!!

First take- totally fail !!! where is my face?? FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!
Never mind we can try again
Then we try again....

oh yeah!!! success!!! but my face quite weird at this photo...
NEVERMIND!!! at least four of us in this photo...
so I can said in one word.......SUCCESS!!!

P/S: Tomorrow is Melaka Historical Day, so tomorrow is our holiday!!! I am totally happy and relax!!!!

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