Sunday, April 26, 2009

EMO :(

Just now I had a fun and fantastic swimming day at Seri Bayan, klebang.
We had kind of like zakuzi in the pool
Bubbles all the places
This is so….relax and fantastic!!!
My family friend Sandra went there too
Truly have fun with her.....
I think without her there will be less laughter in the pool
No kidding I am serious!!
She play she swim she even eat in the pool
Absolutely funny!!!
As usual, after swimming we had took a bath at the wash room
And chit chatting in that washes room too!!
So relax!!

But NOW!!!
My mood had turned badly
I am absolutely angry now!!
That stupid printer spoiled again
I am damn angry and have no mood to talk to anybody now!!!
I mean NOW!!!
Why always spoil when I want to use it?
Why always spoil when there is an emergency?
I really need it!!!
Who can print for me??
Can somebody help me??
I am so sad now!!
I need to pass up my thing tomorrow
I need help!!!
No lying!!
I am serious now!!
It had been repaired last few day and now spoiled again!!
Oh my goodness!!
Really driving me crazy!!!
How am I going to do ???
I need help!!!
Help me!!!

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