Wednesday, April 15, 2009

noisy fire crackers~~~~

That means today is Melaka Historical Day
They were celebrating this day around Jusco there
I am so mad of it!!
Because I am sleeping just now, suddenly I heard something boom-ing
So I quickly wake up and see what had happened
Whose know it is just firecracker all around the sky!!!
And this had interrupted my sweet dream you know?
If I am not mistaken
It’s take around fifth minutes to finish up all the firecrackers
Wasting our money to buy this kind of thing to celebrate this day
This is an awful planning and I hope it is the last one
Because it is interrupting my sleeping time!!!!
Although I am not the kind of people who sleep early
But it is very noisy and annoying!!!!
And it also scares my little doggie
He keep barking on it
He is scares
As what my sister had wrote in her personal message
He is truly a poor little thing

That's all I want to complain about it

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