Friday, April 17, 2009

Extremely happy!!!

Today I spent all my time with my sis and her friends
At first, they said they want to go for PC fair so I decide to follow
Whose know?
They decide to have lunch and watch movie at there
What an enjoyable planning har?

My favorite one!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!! So we went Pizza Hut for our lunch
The food and drink as usual….nice!
And we captured a lot ‘FOOD’ photo…lame right?
I don’t know why I am so clumsy today; I keep on dropping thing today
I am so……embarrassed...Sorry to embarrassed you guys

Then follow them to PC fair
I had successfully bought my laptop case
I am extremely happy because it was so cheap!!
It only cost for RM18!!!
Damn happy today!!

We are late!!!
We rush to the cinema to watch 新宿事件
The movie was extremely scary and pity
The story is talking about how the Chinese survive in the 90th
I feel so pity after I had watched the movie
Jackie chan was extremely pity in this movie
He help his ‘brothers’ but at last the ‘brothers’ are so cruel and bad…
My sister said that this story tell us not to help anyone if they are suffered
Because you will get nothing in the end *laughing*
So funny!!!
After we had finish watched the movie
We went for BIG APPLE
Their donuts were extremely sweet!!!
But nice to eat la actually
You can have a try if you haven’t tried it!!
You will not regret after eating it
wow....hard to make decision la!!!
too many choices for me!!
what should i order?
help me!!
can I order all of that?
the answer is NO because nowadays I have financial problem!!! *crying* :( At last i had made my decision to choose the chocoreo....
the taste i like it so much!!
I had made a good decision...happy!!

Before we went back
something had attracted me
Guess what?

It is a BM sport!!
I am wondering who is the owner?
a guy or women?

I am so……lucky to see this in the middle of road
Extremely happy!!
So we can’t lose any chances to take photo with “HIM”
As a result we had captured a photo with “HIM”
And it is so cool!!
I hope that one day I will own it!!!

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