Sunday, April 5, 2009


Jams all over the places......

Reborn is just similar to a day after raining!!!

Raining will made some people feel moody and irritating such as businessman will not be able to do their business if there is a raining day and traffic jams will all over the places. These will make some of them feel irritating, but for me it depends on what situation. If there is a jam all over the places I would like to say I am so so miserable because if I am late for something and yet there is a jam all over the places it really will drive me crazy. But if I’m asleep in my lovely bedroom, I am totally in heaven man. It is so comfortable and cooling, I like it so much!!!

After raining had gone, people will feel like they are reborn with happiness such as businessman will be happily doing their business and there will be no jams anywhere. Happy? Yes!!…I agree with that, because they will be able to earn more profit and many people will go out if there is no rain. Am I right? Or am I wrong? For me, I am totally agree with this because if I am going out and yet there is a raining day I would to say sorry to the shopping centre because I rather stay at home watching tv than going out in a raining day.

And and and!! Rainbow………will come out after that~~~
It is a sign of happiness after raining…. Hurray!!!
But until now I haven’t see a full rainbow after raining...Quite sad…hehe…

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