Friday, April 3, 2009

One thing that had SCARE me!!!

Today I have my moral class at somewhere in school…..
While listening to the presenter to present their stuff, I keep on doing my stuff at the back of the class (I am too lazy to listen to the presentation….hehe)
Suddenly, a phone call from one of my friend…
He said that many guard had surrounded my car to decide whether want to charge me or not
I was totally shock when he said my car will be lock by the guard…
So I quickly sms my sister to see whether the guard got lock that car or not…
Worrying…..not concentrate……and some more keep on sms to my sis
This case truly scares me, you know why?
Because if we need to unlock that car, many procedure need to be done
And money will go by the wind!!!
Lucky…..our car was not blocking others, so the guard had left without charging us…..
I need to thank to my friend who inform me on the spot…
Thank ya!!!

I need to say good bye already!!!
Good night!!

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