Monday, March 30, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow......

Tomorrow probably will be a busy day for me
We had some of like selling product in the school for 3 weeks
But of course not like professional one
I don’t know why we need to do that actually
It's probably wants us to enhance our selling skill
It is truly troublesome you know?
We need to order this and that for our product and yet exam is still on (I left one subject to go)


But honestly I had wasted all my holiday to watch drama and hanging around in house
I had regretted (I know you all sure laugh one…stop laughing!!)
I shouldn’t spent all my holidays to just stick my face onto the computer
I should prepare all the stuff for tomorrow

But then again I had finished up all the stuff for tomorrow …haha….
Waiting for tomorrow
I hope our group can sell all the stuff that we had prepared
And they will like it

hope so :)

good night!! :p

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