Monday, April 13, 2009

Waiting + Happy + Relax :p

I am waiting now!!
Waiting for the end of business project
I really feel tired to do this project anymore…
But today was quite different from last few days anyway
We truly relax today
We had our lunch at IXORA and hanging around until 2.00pm
Went to accounting class at 2pm
Finish class….we went home as usual
That all we had done today
Oh! And I just went for the stupid CLS general meeting
We went there for nothing
Just wasting our time listening to some stupid thing such as who will become the next president
OMG!! Truly wasting our time and why I am so stupid to go for that meeting?
I don’t really know what I am doing actually

Oh yeah!!
I am totally happy today
I found my calculator and accounting book at my friend’s house
Oh thank GOD…orz
I feel so happy after I found my things
But the sad thing is I lost my liquid cover at somewhere else
I am so clumsy these days
Don’t know what happened to me
Always lost my thing at somewhere else
But lucky I had found my calculator and accounting book already!!!

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