Sunday, April 26, 2009

My creativity

At this moment I want introduce you guys
This is really cool
I had download and try it these day
It is extremely fun
This software can change the background and also the effects of the photo
It will make your background become fabulous and cute! ~
Besides that, you also can edit text inside the photo that we had edited
Coo right?
Now I gonna show you guys what I had edited through

This is what i had edited in this picture
I had put my cousin dreaming face inside this picture!!
Quite success right?
I love this the most
It is quite perfect than others that I had edited...

Happy day!!
This is my first edited photo!!
It is not so perfect actually
This is because of the line I had drawn!!

Cute Baby!!
I love the oranges and lemon
It is so cute!!
It match my title!!!
damn cute....
Feel like wanna bite them!!!!

This is the LAst picture I had edited!!!
Quite weird actually
I really like this view very much
It is so beautiful!!
But it doesn't match our reaction actually...:(

Those are the picture that I had edited!!
Via you may also edit your photo into this kind of background and effect
This is extremely useable to change the effect!!!
Love this software so much!! :)

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