Monday, April 22, 2013

Random update!!

Hero is back!

As I mentioned in last entry that the Hero lost last week, and he finally came back to us on Saturday after momi came back from somewhere else. Everyone was super damn excited on his homecoming especially neighbour. My neighbour was so excited, and everyone quickly served him some food.

I guess he had suffered throughout the days, because he became even more skinny right now. Neighbour and momi were so sad, and both of them so excited to bring out their food.

Lucky was happy as well on Hero homecoming.

She is the one who freaking happy to play with him again! So cute.

Well, nothing much to blog about today, and the weather is still very hot in Melaka! Y U No Rain!? There is lots of flower blooming here in momi's office, and it is amazing. The flowers I wished to see every year in this time.

It finally bloom, and yet to full bloom. I'm gonna snap a photo of the full bloom.

It reminds me of one year I came to momi's office, and I took a picture of it. Let me find it out right now!

*searching for the photo*

Got it!
The dropping petal on the floor. This was taken in year 2011, and now I'm waiting for 2013!

So excited to see the flower on the tree! It was slightly bloom today in front of momi's office or it drop long time ago? Why I never see this since March? It should be bloom and drop on March, but why I didn't see last month? So weird!

Or it doesn't want to bloom anymore? Ha!

Anyway, that's it! I'm ending this very soon.

Oh yeah! Si Chuan had earthquake again, and this was the second biggest earthquake at there. They are so pitiful and helpless. So sad to watch this kind of news in the TV, pray for them!

We should be gratitude on everything we had from right now, you will never know what happen next to yourself. As Rhonda Byrne said in his book of The Magic, the more you gratitude you give out, the more abundance you will receive. 

PS: I'm reading the book of The Magic currently, and trying to create magic in 28 days. 

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