Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday celebration for Shin @ Restism


Gosh! No internet connection for 2 days which make my life so boring. I'm blogging now at momi's office, and it is kind of weird coz I need my bed to write a nice post. 

Well, I'm so hungry right now, and I'm gonna eat!!

Continued from a long break right here in momi's office, and it's freaking damn HOT! Y U DON'T RAIN?

Alright! Back to the point, so on Wednesday, Jennifer asked us to go to movie, and movie sound good for me since we didn't watch movie together for so long. Good decision. Thus, yesterday was our movie day.
The JLS watch G.I Joe yesterday after Jennifer finished her work. But there is another plan for yesterday, guess what? Today is Shin birthday, and yes we celebrated her birthday yesterday with something cute.

Something cute!

We bought these muffins for her birthday, and momi said huh? like this only ah? It was quite embarrassing when momi said that to me. It wasn't the whole thing ok? You will see it soon.

Anyway, the birthday celebration was held after G.I Joe, and it was totally a failure because I wasn't ready for the celebration and Jennifer asked me to take out the "cake". BUT! Shin was happy, so happy ending. HAHAHA!

  Shin and Jennifer.

 Shin and I 

It's was 11.30 in the night, and three of us still in the cafe enjoying our celebration with Shin. I didn't bring the knife for Shin to cut her cake, so what we asked her to do is to..

 Eat the muffin straightaway. Ha! That's was a trap in order to let Shin bring back all the muffin HAHAHA! I think she was happy yesterday or no?

Next, we talk for an hour before going back home. It was 12pm already, and Jennifer went back before both of us did because she needs to work today. Pity!

Anyway, this is the last pic of the day before Shin and I went back home at 12.38pm. It was a really great night for us.

As I mentioned Shin went to London, and she brought back some souvenir for us, so sweet!
 A L keychair and London postcard!

Joke of the day: Jennifer doesn't know the differences between Paris and London,  and she thought London and Paris is the same country, so funny!

Happy Birthday to April baby, Shin! Have a nice day onward!!

PS: Felt so awkward when somebody stay besides me while I was writing a blog post. Teehee!


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