Thursday, April 25, 2013


I finally done folding 10,000 papers! Thank god! That's was really a tough one.

Spending two days folding the paper make my hand very pain, and I could just sleep for the whole day right now! I sleeping. 

I slept at 3am yesterday, and working right at 11am make me feeling dizzy. How good if there is some snacks for tea time! But I'm not that good luck as what Jennifer had. Jennifer's office had a great tea time yesterday, and she had some tarts and Swiss rolls.

I don't have anything when I've practical training, and she is so lucky to have a great working place with great colleagues and food!! Envy!

I'm feeling really sleepy now, and I supposed to blog about something else, but now I'm really tired, and I'm not going to blog anymore. Sorry!

Flowers still blooming yet to drop! White and pink! So cute.

Anyway, end this! I'm goddamn tired already, and I need sleep!

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