Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mabul Island: First day!

Hey everyone!

I bet some of you might ask when I'm going to blog about the Mabul Island trip I always mentioned, or you don't even bother to know it, never mind! I will blog about it anyway, no one can stop me. *funny face*

We went Mabul Island on the first day of our trip, because we have cheap flight for that day, saving is crucial for bag packer! We landed Mabul Island around 10 in the morning, and Ting and her coursemate were waiting for us for around one hour (they flight from Kota Kinabalu), and all of us went in a van, and the journey start!

PS: Before we headed to KLIA, we went Bee’s house, and her mom was so generous to treat us breakfast, McDonald ok! That’s not the point, the point is her brother actually sent us to KLIA, thank you very much.

It was a tiring day as all of us were sleepless last night (I slept only for 2 hours), and the van is driving us crazy, it was bumpy, shaky… We don’t really enjoy the long journey from Mabul Airport to Semporna. It was miserable. By the way, we met a couple of China tourist, and we were in the same van with them. 

That's how bag packer always do, make as many friends as you can!

PS: We met a roadblock in our way to Semporna due to the news of Lahad Datu incident, scary, but we are safe now! We went back Melaka safe and sound!
We reached Uncle Chang's office around 12pm, and it was freaking damn HOT! We were almost dying to go to the lodge, but you will never know, because we need to wait for the boat to arrive at 2pm.

After register for the boat and lodge, we went to their market (I guess).
Oh no! It is so called the Semporna Ocean Tourism Center, whatsoever!

As you can see, it was a sunny day, and we were dying to swim!

Shopped at their dry and wet market, and it was really interested as you can see lots of special packing and labelling. You will never know what is it until you ask. I saw one pack of coffee, and guess what, they actually just packed it without any label, and it looks similar to dark brown sand from somewhere else.

seaweed from the sea! 

I bought 2kg for momi, because she said it is good for knee cap. Besides, some of the Sabahan cook as dessert, and enjoy it in the sunny day. I tried before the jello-like seaweed, and it was tasteless!

The boat arrived at 3pm, omg! It was late for an hour, and we were doing nothing at the front door except talking with the tourists, and captured lots of useless photo.

We headed to Mabul Island, and it was so fun to sit on a boat. You know what? Most people feel so dizzy and moodless in the boat, but so happened that I've non of them! I was really enjoying the wind and water splashing!

A German guy helped us to capture this, how lovely he is. The wind is too strong that we couldn't get a nice picture of ourselves, so he helped us out. Thank you!

PS: Look! Bee was sleeping in the boat!

Few houses located in the middle of the sea! 

Reached Mabul Island after 45 minutes, and it was awesome because...
after we stepped in to the lodge, some fisherman approached us, and look! fresh catch of the day! All of their fresh catch was very cheap, I mean goddamn cheap! However, we never buy anything because we just landed there, and don't know what should we do for it.

PS: Jennifer was quite annoyed by this actually, relax and we'll get it next time, ok?
Uncle's Chang Lodge and crystal clear sea!


That's our place for the night, and we are the VIP (Very Irritating Person, ha! Just kidding). Anyway, this is our room, and all the room in lodge are decorated nicely. Sweet!

Each bed has this cute creative towel for us, and all of us gone crazy. You know? Girl always gone crazy with cute little things.

My bed!

I don't sleep with others in case there is no other optional, because momi always said I love to squeeze people to death or kick others while they are sleeping. Thus, the only reason not to hurt anyone, I sleep alone! Better be alone than hurting others, I'm very kind!

Bee's bed! 

She sleeps alone as well, and Jennifer and Ting were sleeping together besides me!!

Table for the phone!

A cute wooden table besides Bee's bed for us to put our stuff on. Nice wood actually!

The way to the rest of the room, and our room has the best view for the turtle and star fish! And look! all of them look so sporty in this lodge. I love it.

Behind our room. 

Weather of the day!

Sunny and love.

Insists Ting to let me shot this photo! All of us on the lodge, and happily capturing our feet. The photo which do not require to smile!

Camwhoring with Ting and photoboomed by Bee! HAHAHA!

I' staying in the middle of the sea, so cool!


And the sun makes my skin look so nice though my hair was messy.

We were busying shooting picture, then one of them suggested to take a walk at the beach (5 minutes walk distance), so we went there to have some fresh air.
On our way to the beach. We saw the Mabul village with all the kids running here and there!

These two kids were posing for me, madly cute! How cute is them!

Those kids were playing around with the big photo frame (I guess!) which they took it from somewhere else, and they were madly adorable. Suddenly, all of them were running and shouted pak cik security dah datang, lari! (Security uncle is coming, run!), and we were really stun and stand there just like a statues.

Don't even play with something which is not belong to you! 
Reached the beach 5 minutes later, and the place was so nice! The coconut tree, houses, hut, sand, seashell and etc. It was really beautiful outside (not inside).

The hut for lunch I guess! 

Hut for resting on the beach 

PS: It was quite dirty here as many rubbish is all around on the beach.

Shadow on the beach!

Weather still pretty hot!

While we were walking to the beach, we saw this banana house! It was really a smart choice to decorate their house with banana, so that they can eat it whenever they want. LOL

The map of Sabah!

We went back to our lodge after some crazy photoshoot, and the sun is setting soon.
The pre-sun set photo of the day!

Karen and I were sitting on the bench

The China tourist, Jacky helped us to capture this picture. Bee, Zelia (Angelia, for you information), Karen (front row) and Ting, Jennifer and I (back row) were happily posing for him!

Our way to the beach! The sun were too strong for us to open our eyes.

Sun set of the day-credit to Ting.

Our first meal in Mabul Island, and honestly it is very delicious, especially their fried fish (fresh catch from the sea, you see!). I ate two fishes that day, lovely.

Me on the chair enjoying the fresh salty air while everyone were looking for the sea turtle. MUAHAHA!

The room for couple!

Our first day in Mabul Island was quite fun, and all of us were enjoying in our room with playing cards! So nice. Tomo has some chat outside the room in the middle of the night, and it was nice to chit chat in this salty night.

PS: Cockroach went inside our room that day, and Zelia and I were freaking out. I hate cockroach, so do Zelia, and we were the audience for " A fight with cockcroach" which starring by Ting and Jennifer HAHA! I seriously hate cockroach, don't ever ask me to catch one, sorry!

PSS: Sabah is totally different from Melaka, the day end quickly. So weird!


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