Monday, April 29, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

I am The Unstoppable Explorer!

Speaking of The Unstoppable Explorer, I’m definitely the One!! Believing or not? I’m one of The Unstoppable Explorer from young. I’m a super talented explorer of flying!

 I explored the way to “fly” like Aladdin with cousins at Penang when we were young. Seriously, I’d a hard time to try to “fly”, and trying to move here and there to balance myself in order not to let myself fall, but I still balance although my leg wasn’t on the map! I’m super talented! 

Alright! That’s was a fake picture taken on the floor, but in fact I’ve this kind of explorer spirit while I still young. I explored lots of fun things behind my backyard when I was a kid with the sibling, such as building camp fire with coconut leaf, etc. 

Now, I’m still a great explorer of nature, venturing with the food as well as exploring the invisible. I’d spent sometimes with the nature such as hiking. Hiking in Bloga Hill with friends, and in fact it is a challenging one because I’m freaking afraid of height, but I’m unstoppable explorer, nothing can stop me to hike to the top of Bloga Hill! 
Exploring the invisible! Nah! That's fake too! I'm the ghost of all.. HAHAHHA! Anyway, others are real!

Hiking in Mount Sorak was another challenging explorer, but I half way conquering the mountain! And guess what!? I got a gold medal! HAHAHAHA! Being bravery is how I overcome my fear.

Recently, I went to Sabah to explore the nature of Sabah. And this is really an exploring trip of mine, because I went to the sea and explore the nature of sea life! Exploring the sea creature crawling, swimming and staying in the sea make me feel so blissful! It was a challenging trip because I need swim in the sea, and I drank some of the sea water in the middle of sea, is really salty I must say! And guess what I survive, and my bravery overcomes my fear of height again and again while I was snorkeling in the sea. 

Exploring the creature in the sea is my passion. 

Exploring the forest is my love, and I love how nature build up! It is fantastic and amazing...

I’m also The Unstoppable Food Explorer. I’d explored lots of FOOD!! I’m the big eater, so exploring some mouth-watering delicacy is crucial for me. From Melaka delicacies to Korean food were never stopping me to explore.

And I discovered the food made from scratch! 

However, there are some challenges when come to explore for food, calories is the main challenges! All I can is more work out needed. 

And to be memorable, the best gadgets I’ll bring along are my pinky camera and mobile phone in order to capture the unstoppable explorer of me successfully conquers all my obstacles. 
 As well as a binocular(?) to spot all sort of tiny little things on earth on sea! HAHAHAHA! In order to discover the world clearly without a spec!!

But all and all, I'd missed lots of LIVE Award and dramas during my explorer journey to different places. This is kinda sad and stress when I can't stop thinking of watching my favourite shows everytime I ain't home or in front of the TV

 I felt depressed, and aimless to discover anything without my favourite shows or travel guide from TLC. I need them in order for me to get information to travel and explore more. I need them a lot. Life without information with Astro will drag my life to death. I need Astro TLC for travel, afc for food discovering and AEC for my precious Singaporean dramas. That's a big challenges I faced when I explored more.

I'm not afraid anymore because I've Astro-On-The-Go wherever I go. I'd overcome all the challenges right now with the precious Astro-On-The-Go, and I've the every moment with Astro where I go, where I eat, and where am I! 

I still got to catch up with lots of Singapore dramas, Travel shows as well as my favourite Korean dramas in momi's office. I'm freaking enjoying., and I don't even need to stay at my living room watching the TV all day long. One device can bring all the happiness with me. And I can be VERY updated every where I go. 

And I can read write a blog post while watching the dramas as well. I love Astro-On-The-Go so much, and it ease my life so much!!!!!!!

Astro-On-The-Go has the best of entertainment and it makes your life easy. You can subscribe and watch it wherever you are. No matter where you are! For more information please please please visit

A great deal I must say!!! 

And once again, I'm Unstoppable Explorer!!!!!! 

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