Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Video!!

Hello after MIA for few days, I’m typing this entry in Microsoft Word so that I can copy and paste the whole thing after I’ve connection. Good idea huh!?

I’ve been editing the birthday video since hours ago, and it is done finally! I’m so happy that I’ve something to do in house instead of watching TV.

Episode 1 in Leminiscence is the April Babies birthday! Happy Birthday to Three of them!

One week ago, we celebrated their birthday, and today I’m editing the video, memories flow back again to my brain cell.  I miss the gathering, and as I always said Tomos are hard to meet each other each year due to different location.  I’m gonna miss them a lot after June!

“Then I gonna eat alone everyday” Momi said. I felt a little guilty because I’m leaving in one and a half months, and it seems like momi hate to be alone just like me. “momi, you still have papa to accompany” I said reluctantly.

Seriously, I’m kind of person who doesn’t show sweetness. I hate it indeed! I felt so weird when I need to be sweet with momi. I’m weirdo! But, I always stick to momi’s body, and like massaging. You know! Girls always do that to their mom. Momi doesn’t love it anyway; she always asks me to leave after I stick to her. We are not that kind of family who always so sweet, we don’t do that often. Besides that, I always try to make fun of sis by acting cute, and she will like GET LOST!


In fact fighting is common in our house, but we will get along after 5 minutes.
Ok! It seems like I’m out of topic, and I should be writing about the Leminiscence video. As you can see Leminiscence is from the word Reminiscence, which means memories. I changed the R to L because Lydia! The L thing is mine, so Leminiscence means Lydia’s memories. Got it?

It sound logical, and it does make sense in my way.

Alright! Talk less and let the video show how Jennifer complaining about the wrapper and how they were shock about the celebration especially the NAME! 

How you feel after watching the video? Leminiscence is some kind of memories that I will keep in my mind always.

And I didn’t mind that many people will not like it, but hopefully Tomos will like it, and I know you gals love it. Right?