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Mabul Island: Second day!


Here the second part of my Mabul Island trip with Tomo and friends. This is the part 1, in case you haven't read it. 

Well, basically second day was snorkeling day, three sessions of snorkeling in a day. We went three different places – Mabul Island, Kapalai and another side of Mabul Island- that day, and some of the places were quite beautiful.

We woke up early in the morning, and Jennifer and Ting were quite grumpy after I called them up. They were emmm and ahhhh after I called them, and scolded by Jennifer as well. I couldn't sleep well the night before, so I got up early the next day, I was excited, I guess!

This is my first time went to snorkeling, and I’m super excited.

We gathered at the administration area, and some of them were divers. Omg! That's really cool. I wished to dive as well, but I didn't have any license at all. Too bad!

All of us happily going up the speed boat, and let's go to the first destination, Mabul Island. 

In the boat, and I'm super excited!

Gathering at the admin area, and it is actually a dock anyway!

I couldn't see any special species in the first destination, and we got up from that place after an hours of snorkeling. My first snorkeling was awful, because I drank like a cup of sea water before I learned how to use the equipment, and I'm suffering. 

One of uncle Chang trainer taught me how to use the equipment, and he brought Jennifer and I to some places with full of beautiful coral and fishes. Jennifer told me that one of the fishes passed by her, and she was freaking excited! How I wish the fish passed by me. 

Second destination was Kapalai, and we went there around 11.30am before our breakfast!
Big Sea urchin

Blue Sea star or star fish!

 Fishes from the sea! It was really beautiful, and corals were awesome in many colours and shapes.

 In the sea of Kapalai Island. 

Saw the resort behind me? It was a pricey resort for the rich one, I mean family base. It basically suitable for family, and people who willing to spend more on their trip. Nice place indeed, and you got to snorkel at this area everyday. Wow! How I wish I'm rich!

I'm touching the star fish or sea star! So freaking awesome, and it was hard! 

PS: Jennifer was the one with yellow snorkeling set.
 Met two divers in the sea of Kapalai. 

 Some coral in the sea of nowhere! I've no idea where this capture from.

Credited to Ting who captured all the sea pictures, because my camera is not water proof. How sad! Kapalai has the most beautiful sea scenery, and too bad Ting's camera out of battery that time, and we lost the opportunity to capture nice photo. But experience is most important for this trip.

See it by your own sight is better than capturing, which I agreed the most.

After we end our Kapalai snorkeling trip, all of us puts our slipper, and Bee started to create something artistic. HAHAHA!

PS: Jennifer lost her slipper after the third trip to Mabul Island sea sight seeing.

 My snorkeling set!

Sunblock is crucial for the entire trip.

All of us gone crazy applying after snorkeling. All you can see was six persons were sitting outside their room applying the freaking super sunblock. Some of tourist were not applying at all, because they are seriously fair, and they love being tan! Especially those Ang mo, Y U All so fair??

I suggested them to stay longer at here, so they can be just like us! Tan!
 Spending sometimes to enjoy the back of our room which I'd posted in Part 1.

 The admin area, spot the hanging divers' swimsuits. 

 I wished to wear it someday, but first thing I needed to do is to cure my phobia in height! I was scared after looking at the deepness of the sea at Kapalai, and my head was heavy and I felt dizzy. How can I cure this?

 The float hanging on the wall nicely, and I heart it!

 Some random picture I captured while waiting for the sunset with Ting at the dock!

 Sunset of the day, and it was overwhelming.

 Trying to be fun with the sunset! HAHAHA!

Reflection from the mirror with the sunset and Ting!

It was really fun and both of us spot something in the sea before we saw the overwhelming sunset.

 The cuttlefish swims happily in the sea!

And some random fishes too!

PS: The picture wasn't that clear due to the pixel problem, sorry for that! I hope you guys don't mind, but trust me, it was really amazing to see some creatures swim here and there happily. And they were super tinny and goddamn cute! 

By the way, Ting got the best shot of them. 

Both of us went back to meet up with them again, and everyone was waiting for the food to be serve.
Toasting the Soya Bean drink for luck!

We need some luck to meet up with the sea turtle! It wasn't show up last night, and we hope to see it that night.

Dinner for the day was awesome, The Best Meal I ever had in Mabul Island! Spaghetti, rice, fried chicken, and bitter gourd with eggs!

I was surprise to see so much food that night
The little cat jump on the chair while Karen was talking to us. She was shock, and this little fellow stay still until Karen got up. So funny and cute!

The group photo of us with the China Tourist-Jacky and Shan Shan and Uncle Ping- the best story teller of Uncle Chang lodge. He told us lots of scary story all night, and it was interesting especially the ghost story. 

You know what?

Our wish come true after we finished our dinner!!!


Karen saw this creature first while she was hanging her clothes in front of our room, then she suddenly came to us and said Hey! Hey! Hey! I saw sea turtle!!!!! I wasn't believe until I saw it by my eyes! It was real and super big! Swimming in front of our room. 

Before that, some of their staff told us last night that we'd the opportunity to see the sea turtle at here, and all of us was like Ya right!! We didn't see one also! But the next day, our dream came true! Omg! I can't believe I saw turtle. 

Then we called Jacky and Shan Shan, and they didn't believe us until they saw it. Everyone gone crazy!!! I mean damn crazy, because they gave up their dinner, and end up with photo, torchlight, shouting, moving, running and also video just like me!

Ok well, I should show you guys the handsome one!
The best sea turtle picture Jacky captured, and it was really super duper BIG! I heart it so much. 

Everyone was waaaa and ahhhhh and capture capture! I'd a video of this creature which I'd posted before, but for convenience, I don't mind post it again! HAHAHAHA!

This is the video I'd posted long ago, and did you see the turtle?? Omg! That was the cute one trying to breathe!!! I can't stop watching at this after I came back Melaka, because it was freaking unbelievable, I saw a sea turtle!

PS: Seeing a turtle in Mabul Island wasn't that hard, and for all you wanted to see turtle at night, Mabul Island will make your dream come true. 

My second day end happily with the surprise God gave us, and we're happy to meet up with Uncle Ping as well, and the story was awesome! Met Uncle Ping make us knowledgeable. 

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