Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tomo April Babies celebration @ Dataran Padang


Last Sunday was another birthday celebration for the April Babies. 

Well, Ting and I planned this since last month, and both of us think of celebrating their birthday at Restism. But at the end we celebrated their birthday at Dataran Padang. 

Ting and I asked them to hang out together on Sunday, and said that it is a normal gathering for us since Ting came back. Jennifer and Bee are the one who knew the celebration for Shin birthday, but they didn't know that we wanted to celebrate their birthday as well. HAHA! 

Then we met up at Aeon around 3pm, but Shin was late that day because she went out with her family, and the funny thing is that Shin doubted that we will celebrate her birthday! She is good, I must say!
We went dinner together at Melaka Raya.

Curry mixed vegetable, Otak-otak eggs, Mamia chicken and fried cuttlefish. 

Mixed Vegetable: 
Otak-otak Eggs
Mamia Chicken:
Fried Cuttlefish:

The fried cuttlefish has disappointed me as it is too oily and I don't like it so much!

Anyway, that's not the point, the point is the celebration!

After we finished our dinner, both of us went to Italy bakery house to buy a cake for them, and in this point, Jennifer and Bee thought we are going to celebrate Shin birthday. LOL! 
Tiramisu cake for them.

Happy Birthday 新鼻毛 (Translation: New Nose Hair)

PS: There is a reason behind! Stay tuned.
Camwhore with the cake before they arrived. 

Before they arrive, we called them to miss call us before arrived, so Jennifer did!  "Where both of them? Where are they" Jennifer said it loudly to note us. And SURPRISE! We prank Jennifer and Bee, and they were shock! MUAHAHA! Success planning! Good one this time

PS: Video will post up few more days! I'm editing right now.
They were wishing for somthing good! 

The new group 

New Nose Hair!

Group photo with timer! 

PS: Shin cut her hair a day before!

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Behind the scene! HAHAHAHAHA! 

Ting: Please cut the cake *begging face*
Camwhore group photo! Failed!

Next is the present time!
Padini is for Jennifer, Gold for Shin and Red is Bee!

Before we are giving out the present, we played some game. Guess the present! One of them need to choose a present, if false, they need to cut a piece of cake for each of them. Big or small, as you pick! On the other hand, if true, Ting and I gonna eat the piece we cut.

They were discussing how big they should cut the cake. And this is cruel, because everyone was like hey! how long we know each other eh? Cut small bit! So funny! They were super serious on this!

PS: Ting cut the biggest for me! Omg!
新鼻毛 (New Nose Hair)

Ok! I explained now! 新(new)- Shin, 鼻(Nose)-Bee, 毛(Hair)- Jennifer in short fur. All about the sound of the word! HAHAHA! This is the nature of Mandarin. If you are interested, Google translate this!

Love the cup with chocolate melted.

The best photo of all, and I hope they don't mind I posted this in my blog. HAHAHAHA!!

Their birthday present, Shin's white blouse, Bee's dress and Jennifer's formal shirt!

We sat on the field of Dataran Pahlawan, and I suggested to play Tomo Tag. I saw some of the bloggers and vlogger played this, and it was fun, so why not to have a try on that!

So, I created some questions for all of us.

1. What is the memorable memory we had?
Penang Trip (answered by all)

2. Who has the bad temper?
I think is Jennifer! But some of them got their own answer as well

3. Who is the caring one?
My answer was Ting, and Shin choose me as the caring one. I'm so happy! Did I?

4. Who love mirror the most?
Ok! I admit is me!

5. Who changes a lot?
Well, is me again! And this is the point of the whole tag, did I change a lot after my practical training? Jennifer told me that I'd changed quite a lot after practical training, and I was shock! Seriously, I cried after I went back home, but this problem had been solved yesterday when we went gym together. Ok! I admit I changed a lot after practical training, and I hope not a bad thing for them. I scare to be bad one! I hope I'm not. Jennifer doesn't want to tell me more.. Please Jennifer! *sad face*

Anyway, that's the best tag ever! Tomo tag makes us realised that we are still care about each other. Play more ok!

Happy Birthday to three of you!

After the celebration, my car tyre puncture, and Shin and Ting got shocked! Both of them goddamn funny, they were discussing who is the one who make my tyre puncture. I was almost laughing, but due to some condition, I don't have that mood to continue the guessing.

Anyway, problem solve yesterday, and everything goes well.

PS: Blogging at momi's office is the worst because I can't concentrate *double sad face*

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