Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The three rascal diary


I’m the newbie of this house, and it is kind of weird to be in this house. Lucky was my friend, she brought me here where I’m abandoned, and she introduced momi, Lydia and aunties to me. They are friendly especially neighbour and aunties. They feed, praise and pet me.
I love to bite and fetch slipper all the way to the neighbours’, however, momi scolded me because of that, why?  I love sleeping on the car pouch, tile as well as the grass outside the house. I love people pet me and I’ll be the first one to go over Lydia and momi whenever they called Lucky.

I love Lucky, but she got more attention than me, kind of envious, so I’ll make some trick on that. Ha!

I love running around with Lucky, but Lucky prefer sleeping. She doesn’t love to play, and I think she is quite old now.

As I mentioned, momi and neighbours always feed me, and I love their food especially rice. Auntie Janet stands besides us whenever we’d our dinner or breakfast because she stop me from snatching Lucky’s food. I guess Lucky’s food is better than me, and I’ll show my fancy teeth to her. But now, I’ll wait until she doesn’t want anymore.

Momi had bathed me the other day, and I was so scared. I ran here and there in case no water is splashing on me, and I heard Lydia was shouting for help. Both momi and Lydia were running against me, so I can be clean and no more fleas on me. By the way, they bathed Lucky as well, but she seems enjoying and I think she was laughing at me when I was bathing.

Oh! I met Nicky the other day, and he is the prince of the house, he is inside the house. Lydia shown me the other day, and he is kind of interesting, tinny and active. Seriously, Lucky seems doesn’t care about him, but I love him. I love to play with him someday, but Lydia said I’ve flea on my body, so Nicky is prohibited to play with me. I’m sad.

Once my flea got out from my body, I got to play with him someday. Happy!

Anyway, I’m happy to be in this house, and I got a name. Hero! Like all super Hero!

I met a newbie long time ago, and he is abandoned just like me. I brought him over to my current house, and show him to momi. Surprisingly, momi accepted him, and named it as Hero. And from now on, he is one of the families.

He always played with me, and I have companion now. I’m happy.

But after he is a family, he started to bully me. He doesn’t love me anymore. He showed his fancy teeth, and I really scare of him.

Last Sunday, Lydia was feeding us with rice and chicken bone, and I was really happy to see the bones as I’m bone lover. And she is so kind to separate our food; I guess she knew what is happening few days ago. I’m starving!

Hero and I were enjoying our food after Lydia gave us. As I ate my food happily, a sudden hissss hocked me. Hero was showing his fancy teeth with his angry voice, and is like he is saying let go of those foods or I’ll bite you. I’m scared, and I let go. Looking at my food sadly and I’m still hungry.

Suddenly, Lydia shouted at Hero, and she used a stick to separate the bowl from him, and as I can see, Lydia was scared too! I think Hero’s teeth really a matter of fact. Finally, I got my food, and eating happily after that.

Ending the food fight with Hero was a relief.

Bathing the next day was a dream, and I got caught by momi and Lydia, and both of them bath me, I felt so refreshing. But Hero wasn’t enjoying, and he was playing hide and sit with both of them. I was watching them, and I don’t know why Hero was running, and finally he got wet too. What a refreshing day.

Late night, Hero and I were sleeping at momi’s house, and Hero had slept my place, so I need to lie down beneath the car.

The next day, Hero and I went out searching for something else, and I heard all the aunties were talking about me. What they had been talking about, I was wondering. Until Auntie Janet told momi that my previous owner came back last few days, and she had resigned her previous job, which means she is no longer overseas.

I should be happy but momi and Lydia don’t feel happy at all, they are sad that I will go home and they will not see me anymore. But still, I’m staying momi’s home right now, and Lydia seems like so sad about it. I feel it.

I was calm and let her pet me as much as possible yesterday, and Hero ran over and the silent disappeared. Hero is jealously, and I still stay calm and let Lydia to decide who to be pet. So funny! She still loves me.

I sat quietly in front of the door, and she came. Pet me again and again in the night, and I still calm and steady! I purposely make her to pet me, and move my head here and there to get her attention while she was watching TV with momi.

She pet me until I felt asleep.

Chillax in the car pouch is my love!


Lydia bathed me the other day as well as Lucky and the newbie. The newbie came out of nowhere, and all I know was he come suddenly, and Lydia introduced him to me. It was so sudden.

I heard it was Lucky took him back.

I met him, and he is kind of active like me. The most importantly, HE! I finally got a male friend instead of female. Lucky was a female as well as Milky thought I’m not-so-close with Milky.

He saw me, and we both play with an obstacle, the door gate. Lydia said he is my new friend who has an old face. He looks old, but I think he is not that old actually.  I felt he is lonely, so he needs love from someone. I got love from my family, and now I’m gonna share my love with him.

Lydia seems doesn’t like him as he bite her slipper, and brought it to the neighbours’, but I bet she will love him more after that.

I’m barking always, and Lydia petted me. She carried me, and brought me to the front in case I’m lonely. Talking and petting me. I thought she is boring as well.

By the way, Lydia told me that the newbie was Hero, super hero? Kind of weird! Momi named him, and no one can say no.

Well, I got to eat boiled chicken the day after. Lydia got it before momi cooked it, and she re-boiled the chicken in case it is too salty for me. It smells really good, and I can’t stop drooling until it is served.

wasn't able to eat chicken often as some of them are too salty for me, as Lydia always said. She doesn't let me even I tried to steal some of the left over. I was waiting some special day such as my birthday or Chinese New Year, so that I got to enjoy something special on special day. That’s what I always think off.

The food wasn’t being served after cooked, because it was my dinner instead of high tea. Thus, another waiting process makes me drool more. Drooling non-stop until I started to bark for food and Lydia gave me some of the chicken flesh for reward. So sweet of her!

I’ve boiled chicken and dog food as my dinner, but I didn’t finish the whole thing except the chicken flesh. I chose the chicken flesh cautiously, and eat it without the dog food which I dislike always.

It was a delicious meal after two months. I wished to have more, but Lydia kept it so that I can eat the next day.

Next day, no more boiled chicken flesh as breakfast because the whole thing spoilt, and Lydia got scolded by momi. She doesn’t realise that few pieces of chicken flesh spoilt easily the next day. She watched me guiltily, and said “no more, Nicky boy, Sorry!”

 She was wrong to leave that bowl outside without cold air, but I wasn’t angry and still playing with her while momi was cooking a delicious meal for the family. I guess it is soup for the day.

They have delicious meal that day as my nostril told me so.

I was so tired after all day long with them in the kitchen, and I slept after this. I would wake up every single day when somebody passed by, and that’s Lydia. She petted and played with me awhile before I went to sleep.

Lying down in my little jean cloth, and sleep soundless.

I'm old and bald!

I love playing with jean cloth. I'll make a "picture" on it

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