Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's spring baby!

Well, I'm neither going nor visit any country for spring before, but I'd experience spring today! *serious*

However, before proceed to SPRING, let's me show you the cake Jennifer had baked yesterday. Sponge cake indeed! <3  Jennifer was so excited to bake a cake, and she successed! Congratz Jennifer!
 A little cute sponge cake for me and Viki. Thank alot!

I was enjoying my cake at Jusco counter! WAHAHA...It was yummilicious, and my mom suggested me to bake a new one for Jennifer to try. House recipe shhh....

OK! Now it's  SPRING baby!
 All the flower bloom and drop on the floor! I love it, it looks absolutely like cheery blossom drop from the tree!

*igonre the car please* 
 I love flower bloom and drop at the same time! It's lovely <3

There is another tree just right opposite my mom office. It was white in colour, it's just like snowing whenever the flower fall from the tree!

The bright sunset make my day!

I was in the car waiting for my mom, and I was so damn excited to take many photo for the flowers!

IT"S SPRING BABY! I'm gonna capture more again with my baby pink!

PS: The photo quality was not so good, because I was using my hp camera to capture. Sorry for the blurness!

Happy spring season baby!

We actually celebrating four season in Malaysia, do we? Coz whenever there is spring season, flower bloom as beautiful as it can, then when come to summer, our weather here will be freaking HOT! It will like having sauna everyday. When fall come, our weather getting colder, and so do in winter! I simply just love the way we share the four season with other country which actually enjoying. We are lucky that we have mild four season. Do you think so?

PSS: Thank again to Jennifer, and I promised I'll bake one for you too! =)


  1. who is going to sweep the floor? lol!

  2. keep ur promise on ya!!waiting for it..lalalala